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Course requirements for the Masters Degree in Educational Administration include the completion of a minimum of 45 quarter units of acceptable work. Thirty-three units must be completed at California State University, San Bernardino either at Palm Desert Campus or in San Bernardino or and a minimum of 24 quarter units should be taken after a student has been advanced to candidacy. NOTE: All students must satifsy the upper division writing requirement and be admitted to the program by the end of their second quarter.

The courses required for both the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (37 units) and the Masters of Arts Degree in Educational Administration (an additional 8 units) include:

Pre/co requisite Course: (Take first or with another course)

  • EADM 601 Educational Leadership & Ethics (4 units)

Thirty-three units:

  • EADM 607 Culture, Pol., & Community in a Diverse Society (4)
  • EADM 610 Supervision and Evaluation of Teachers (4) (take 620 concurrently)
  • EADM 613 School Personnel (4)
  • EADM 619 Policy, Governance and Legal Aspects in Education (4)
  • *EADM 620 Practicum in Educational Administration (1)
  • EADM 621A Fieldwork - Elementary/Secondary 60 hrs (2)
  • EADM 621B Fieldwork - Elementary/Secondary 60 hrs (2)
  • EADM 622 Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment (4)
  • EADM 625 Fiscal Management (4)
  • EADM 626A, B, C, & D Issues & Trends in School Administration (1 unit x 4)

*Note: 620 is a practicum class for 610, and needs to be taken concurrently.

The pre-req classes required for fieldwork are 601, 607, 610/620 and 613. Candidates must also have met the University Graduate Writing Requirement, been admitted to the program, and be ready to advance to candidacy. One fieldwork experience must be at an elementary school site and the other at a secondary school site, in different quarters.

All students must apply seperately for each fieldwork experience on Form EADM 621A or B. Fieldwork forms should be faxed to 909-537-7510 or mailed to the attention to EADM Fieldwork Facilitator, CSUSB 5500 University Parkway, San Bernardino, CA 92407-2397 by the third week of the quarter before taking each fieldwork. Interns substitute EADM 630 for fieldwork.

Students should apply for their certificate of eligibility upon completion of coursework to avoid additional future requirements.

For more information, please visit our website: Educational Administration Credential

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