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Academic Advisors are here to help you plan your study at CSUSB and provide support to your academic experience. Please make an appointment in advance to meet with your academic advisor when you:

  • Plan for what courses to enroll for the next semester
  • Have issues with your registration status
  • Want to change/add/drop/swap/overload courses
  • Have issues with the courses you are currently taking

Helpful Resources:

You can also reach out to the International Student Advisor regarding questions about your courses and any transfer credits.

International Student Advisor

Mikayla De La Fuente

WeChat: Mikayla_CSUSB

Immigration Requirements

All students who are studying in the United States must enroll in 12 semester units or more each term to maintain their immigration status. If you have any questions about travel or your status, please contact the International Students and Scholars team at For more information, please visit the Immigration Services page.

Need more time to complete your program?

If you need more time to complete your studies with CSUSB, we can assist with a program extension request as well as I-20 or DS-2019 extensions.

Online Service Requests for International Students

The Center for International Studies and Programs offers a variety of services for International Students. Many requests can be submitted through the online request system here. You may also visit our office in person. We are located on the 3rd floor of the Center for Global Innovation.

Graduation Preparation

All degree-seeking students should begin planning their program completion a year prior to your planned graduation term. Please meet with your academic advisor to determine an expected graduation term and file your Graduation Requirement Check.

All done with your CSUSB studies?

Congratulations! We are so proud of the hard work and dedication you have put forth towards your degree. Please be sure to reach out to our office prior to leaving the United States!

1+2+1 program students who have completed their degree requirements with CSUSB will return to their home universities for their final year of study. Once you complete your final year, CSUSB will need another final official transcript that includes year one and year four coursework from your home university. Upon review of the final transcript, your degree will be awarded and your diploma will be mailed. If you have any questions, please contact us right away.

All other program students will receive their diploma by mail within two weeks after final grades are due for your last term. Please make sure that your mailing and diploma addresses are correct. You may update these to international addresses if you will be returning home before your diploma will be processed.

Need a CSUSB Transcript?

Students can download an unofficial transcript through their MyCoyote accounts.

To download an unofficial transcript, click on the Degree Progress tile in MyCoyote, and then click on the Unofficial Transcripts tile.

For information on how to order an official transcript, visit Request a CSUSB Transcript.

Current Partnership Programs Student To-Do List

To Do

Check Student Email

Your student email is the main source of communication at CSUSB. It is very important that you check your student email up to three times per day. If you need to send an email to anyone at CSUSB, please make sure you are using your assigned student email account and always to include your full name and student ID number.

Add Us on WeChat

The International Partnership Programs Team is on WeChat! Please use WeChat as an alternate method of communication.
Main Partnership Programs WeChat ID: Partnership_CSUSB; Advisor WeChat ID: Mikayla_CSUSB

Check Account for Holds

COVID-19 vaccinations are required by all students, faculty and staff. Please complete the Self-Certification form, located in the home page of your MyCoyote account, to update your vaccination status and records. For more information about COVID-19, requirements, and vaccines, please visit the Return of the Pack website.

Make Regular Advising Appointments

We suggest that you meet with your academic advisor at least once before you register for each term. You can find your advisor and contact information in your Student Center or check Who Is My Advisor.

Always Check Enrollment Appointments

Each student will be assigned a date and time when they can begin enrolling for classes for the next term. Classes fill up fast so make sure you mark your calendar and set a reminder! Check your enrollment appointment date in your Student Center. You can check the start time by clicking on Details.

Pay Tuition on Time

Tuition deadlines are very important and can be checked by visiting Tuition Due Dates. You can pay your tuition online through your MyCoyote or you can use Flywire to transfer the payment. Please make sure to select the correct CSUSB account.
For admitted students taking academic classes, please send your Flywire payments to the account titled “California State University San Bernardino (For Admitted/Degree Seeking Students to the University).

Update Addresses and Contact Information

Remember to always update your contact information and addresses in your MyCoyote account to ensure that you receive any mailed items such as transcripts, diplomas, or checks from the university. You can update your information by clicking the My Personal Information tile in MyCoyote.

File Graduation Requirement Check

You should file your grad check once you have accumulated 90 semester units towards your degree. This is mandatory! For more information or instructions on how to file, visit Graduation Requirement Check.


University Services for Students

Office of Registrar

The Office of Registrar manages student records, course schedule and registration, transcript, transfer credits, graduation check, diploma service, etc. Please visit the website for more information and contact information:

Student Financial Services

The Student Financial Service (SFS) manages student billing and other financial related services. If you have any questions about your bills, payments, and transactions on your student account, please contact SFS at, or check out the website:

IT Service

The Information Technology Service provides technical support and training to the campus community 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. It also helps campus members to access free software, such as VPN, Adobe, and MS Office. More information can be found at, or via email at


CSUSB provides a variety of on-campus housing options.

To learn about housing facilities, options on campus, apply for housing, or request residential services, please check out the Housing webpage, or contact the Housing office at


There is a number of dining options on campus, ranging for the buffet-style cafeteria to coffee shops to grab-and-go convenient stores. Find out more about the dining services and meal plan options at

Student Health Service

The Student Health Services provides free/low-cost basic health service to the campus community. International students who are new to the campus need to provide the immunization documents to the Student Health Service. Please find out more about the services and resources at

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free one-on-one consultation service on your writing process. You can make an appointment to get additional help on papers, assignments, presentations, and other writing projects. To schedule an appointment or find out more about the service, please visit

Tutoring Center

The Tutoring Center provides free academic tutoring service, so that you can get assistance on the challenge courses. Please visit the website to learn more and make an appointment

Counseling Service

The Counseling and Psychological Services at CSUSB provide professional counselling services to support mental health at a variety of levels. More details about the available resources and services can be found at


John M. Pfau Library at CSUSB offers a wide variety of physical and virtual recourses and services for free or with minimum cost. Please see the Library website to find out more:


CSUSB Recreational Wellness Center is free for all students and features a number of training facilities, group exercise classes, an indoor climbing wall, several outdoor fields, and an outdoor pool. Also, adventure excursions are offered with minimum cost, which brings students to the break-taking outdoor experience in California.

More information can be found at


CSUSB offers a variety of transportation and parking services, many of which are free or at a low cost for students. Visit the website to see your benefit and purchase campus-parking permit: