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Immigrant Visas

An Immigrant visa is considered permanent and allows for continued work authorization.  These visas are also referred to as Lawful Permanent Residence (“LPR”) or green cards. Immigrant visas available to international faculty and staff include the below.

Immigrant Visa Information

Outstanding Research Professor

The first preference category is for professors and/or researchers who are recognized internationally as outstanding in a particular academic field.


Teaching Positions: This particular LPR is only available for international faculty based on previous recruitment used to hire the faculty member. 

PERM Labor Certification

Staff Positions: Require the employer to do a test of the labor market following the Department of Labor's required recruitment steps.

National Interest Waiver (NIW)

This is a self-petition in which the applicant can file on his/her own behalf and requires exceptional ability, substantial merit, and national importance within the areas of science, art, or business.