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Visa Interview Support Letters

Officials from the U.S. Department of State have stated that B-2 tourist/visitor visa applicants do not need an invitation letter from the school to process a visa application and that the letters are not helpful. Therefore, the ISS Team will no longer produce letters of invitation to invite students’ family members to visit the United States or attend graduation ceremonies.

Rather than invitation letters, government officials stressed visitor visa applicants provide documentation related to their intent and ability to return to their home country after they visit the United States. For a list of required documentation your family members should take with them to their visa interview, please refer to the specific U.S. Embassy website that your family will be going to for their interview: 

If you would still like to provide an invitation letter to your visitor(s) to present with their visa application, we suggest that you, yourself write a letter for the visitor(s).

Suggested Documentation

The following is a suggestion only, and it is not meant to be taken as legal advice. We cannot guarantee how a U.S. consulate or embassy will determine eligibility.

The applicant should present tangible and appropriate documentation to establish that she/he will depart the U.S. prior to the expiration of her/his authorized stay in the U.S.

To support the application for a B-2 visa, it is suggested that you provide the applicant with the following:

  1. A letter from you to your family member (or invited person), in English, inviting him/her for a visit (an example of this letter may be found here)
    • The suggested invitation letter is only an example and cannot guarantee approval.
    • This letter, or something similar, should be sent to the person who will be applying for the visa, and that person should present it to the U.S. consulate along with the application for the tourist (B-2) visa.
  2. Evidence of your valid student statusCopies of your transcript and/or current enrollment:
  3. Evidence of financial ability and ties to the home country
    • The applicant should provide proof of their ability to have funds to support his or herself during their visit to the US, as well as any additional visiting family members.
    • Evidence of a return flight or funds to pay for a return flight.
    • Evidence of bank statements, mortgage plans, rental lease agreements, or job confirmation letters showing the need to return to their home country.
    • If the invited visitor does not have financial statements or ties, include evidence of your ability to financially support the visitor during their stay.