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Hiring International Faculty, Scholar or Staff​​​​

Hiring departments should predetermine if they are willing to sponsor someone on a temporary and even a permeant visa.  Contact CISP to find out if the positions qualify for visa sponsorship, discuss possible visa options and have a visa game plan when recruiting.

Department Roles & Responsibilities

When hiring someone on a temporary visa, the department has certain roles and responsibilities as long as the visa holder is employed at CSUSB. Employers are obligated to pay the H-1B visa holder until the end of their H-1B visa status.  If a visa holder's position ends prior to the visa end date, there must be a formal termination.  

A formal termination occurs when the visa holder

  1. Receives notification through Human Resources, 
  2. CISP notifies the U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services office, and
  3. The Colleges fulfill its obligation for return home transportation.

The offer of return home transportation is fulfilled when the college makes a reasonable offer to pay the cost of transportation back to their home country available to the visa holder

Request to Start Visa Application

To start the visa request the hiring department can submit the visa request form to with the applicant’s CV and the complete job description of duties to be perform. Applicants must complete the Visa Information Form/Document Checklist and provide their applicable immigration documents to

Voluntary Resignations

If the visa holder resigns from CSUSB on their own, they must provide a letter of resignation to their college, and copy to CISP.  With a voluntary resignation, the offer to return airfare is not required.

Memo, Polices and Procedures

CSU’s Chancellor’s office memo from the Executive Vice Chancellor and General Counsel serves as guidance to CSUSB in terms of visa applications and associated fees.