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Conditional Admissions

Conditional Admission to CSUSB Degree Programs

Program Overview

California State University, San Bernardino offers conditional admission to students who are academically qualified, but have not met the CSUSB English language proficiency requirement at the time of application. Those eligible:

*Will receive a conditional admission letter to CSUSB

*Are required to attend the English Language Program (ELP) and complete level 3 (undergraduate) or level 4 (graduate).

Please note that some graduate programs do not accept conditional admissions, therefore you may not be eligible to apply for a conditional admission.

Eligibility for Conditional Admissions

You must meet admissions requirements. Please visit the International Admissions page and click on the tile that best describes how you will be entering CSUSB.

You will be required to submit two applications. One application to the International Extension Program (IEP)  and another through Cal State Apply.

If you would like more information regarding program fees, length of program, contact information, please visit the International Extension Program (IEP) page.