Tuition Due Dates

Important: Students with a past due balance will have a hold placed on registration and will not be able to enroll until the past due balance is paid in full.

Fall 2017 Registration Periods & Due Dates

Registration Period

Due Date

Registration occurring from 05/25/17 - 09/12/17 Tuition Fees due: September 12, 2017
Registration occurring from 09/13/17 - 10/11/17 (Census)                 Pre-payment of Tuition Fees (including Late Registration Fee) Required

Summer 2017 Registration Periods & Due Dates

Registration Period

Due Date

Registration occurring from 05/08/17 - 06/15/17 Tuition Fees due: June 15, 2017
Registration occurring from 06/16/17 - 08/02/17 (Census 6W2)          Pre-payment of Tuition Fees (including Late Registration Fee) Required

Please check your CSUSB email account regularly for updates about Tuition Fees and Tuition Fee due dates.

Tuition Fee Payment Procedures

Early Registration  

All students including Financial Aid, Fee Waiver, Third Party recipients and Housing students are responsible for paying their portion of fees by the assigned due date. 

Please do not wait for a billing statement as CSUSB does NOT mail billing statements.  You may access your tuition fee due date through MyCoyote Self Service.  Students that fail to meet the designated payment deadline may be administratively dropped from the term and charged a $25.00 non-refundable administrative fee.

Students are responsible for dropping their courses using the My Coyote Self Service and should not assume their courses were administratively dropped.

It is the student’s responsibility to formally cancel, drop, reduce or withdraw from classes by the deadline dates. Failure to do so may result in a “balance due” on their account and may prevent registration in future terms.

Late Registration 

To register during the late registration period, Tuition Fees (including a $25.00 Late Registration Fee) MUST BE PREPAID.  Payments by credit card can be made through the MyCoyote Self Service Portal "SB Make Payments". 

For more information on making payments please visit our Payment Methods page.