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Employment FAQ

Employment (F-1)

Permission to work must be obtained before employment begins since student visa holders' primary purpose is to study full time. Students on the F-1 visa are allowed to work up to 20 hours on campus per week during registration periods. Note, they cannot work off campus without prior approval.

What Is Academic Training (J-1)?

Academic Training allows J-1 students up to 18 months of work authorization during their academic program or after graduation.

Visit Academic Training for J-1 Students for more information.  

What is a Social Security Number?

A social security number (SSN) is required for individuals with employment authorization to work. The number is unique and can be obtained from the local Social Security Administration office.

Only students with proper work authorization can apply for an SSN. To obtain a social security card, students need to complete an application, Social Security Card Form SS-5.

Please note that applications for social security cards are free.  In addition to the Form SS-5, students must also provide the following evidence:

  • An offer letter from the employer;
  • A valid I-20 or DS 2019;
  • A valid I-94 record;
  • A valid visa stamp; and,
  • A valid passport.

Check the Social Security Administration’s website to find a local Social Security office and feel free to learn about Social Security's policy on issuing Social Security numbers to non-citizens.