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Graduate Coordinator's Toolbox

Application Review Process in WebAdmit A step-by-step training manual on how to review your graduate applications in the WebAdmit (Cal State Apply).

WebAdmit Application Review Process Manual (Oct-2019)

Assignments/Faculty Review Process in WebAdmit A step-by-step training manual on how to complete the assignments/Faculty Review in the WebAdmit (Cal State Apply). Assignments/Faculty Review Process in WebAdmit (Feb-2020)
Cal State Apply Application Guide A guide for students on how to complete the CSU Apply application.


Graduate Coordinator's Handbook A quick reference guide to university policies and procedures, and the role of the graduate coordinator. Print copies are available in the Office of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Coordinator's Handbook 2019-20

Graduate Program Information List List of all graduate programs and Cal State Apply application deadlines Degrees and Department Contacts

Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR)

The Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) (FAM 841.97, revised February 2019) must be satisfied before a graduate student is awarded a master's or doctoral degree. Demonstrated competency in writing skills is a California State University requirement. The graduate program shall determine the manner by which a student satisfies the GWAR by requiring one of the following options:

a. The student shall take an existing 306 course or other upper division writing course and attain a grade of B or better; or

b. The student shall achieve an acceptable standardized test score, such as the Analytical Writing subtest of the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), as determined by the program; or

c. The student shall complete a program-specific writing intensive course with a grade no lower than a B-; or

d. The student shall submit a paper(s) that receive(s) a passing score as evaluated in the following four areas: A) Integration/Critical Analysis, B) Content/Organization, C) Syle/Format, and D) Grammar/Usage; or

e. The student shall complete a writing intensive thesis or project, or a comprehensive exam.


Petition for Suspension of Degree/Program Form


Any program that is under consideration for suspension will need to file a Petition for Suspension of Degree/Program Form. A degree/program can be suspended for a maximum of 3 years. Before the month of January of the year in which the suspension expires, the department or program faculty will notify Academic Programs of their intention either to reactivate the program or to start the discontinuance process in accordance with FAM 856.3 outlines the policy and procedures for reviewing a program for discontinuance or merger. Petition for Suspension of Degree/Program Form
WRGC Writing Requirement: A Waiver of University Regulations may still be utilized for students admitted before the implementation of the new WRGC requirement (fall 2016). Students admitted after the implementation of the WRGC are required to complete the WRGC before being classified or advanced to candidacy. Starting winter 2017, the Office of the Registrar is to be directly notified and provided with the information of each student who has completed the WRGC.
















Faculty Senate & Graduate Council The Faculty Senate is responsible for representing the university faculty, and addresses campus policies, including graduate education. The Graduate Council is responsible for development and review of all policies and procedures pertaining to graduate programs. Council recommendations are forwarded to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee for consideration.










California Code of Regulations Title V

The Master's Degree

Admission to Graduate Standing

Academic Probation and Disqualification

CSU Executive Orders and Coded Memos Chancellor's Office executive orders and coded memos pertaining to graduate programs










Actions to Support Graduate Education in the CSU



Instructional tutorials, tips, and cheat sheets for using Peoplesoft and managing data.


This new query will provide the following information for newgraduate applicants;

  • Student information (ID Name, Last Name, Gender, and Ethnicity)
  • Application information (Application Number, Admit Term, College, Academic Program, and Academic Plan)
  • Enrollment Status (Admit Type, Program Action, and Enrollment Status)
  • Other related information (Ext GPA and Institution Origin)


Graduate and postbaccalaureate applicants may apply for a degree, a credential or a certificate. Depending on their objective, applicants may be accepted in one of the following categories.