Categories of Admission

Graduate and postbaccalaureate applicants may apply for a degree, a credential or a certificate. Depending on their objective, applicants may be accepted in one of the following categories:

Unclassified Postbaccalaureate Standing (Not currently offered)

Students wishing to enroll in courses at the university with a professional growth objective, but not necessarily with an objective of a graduate degree or a teaching credential, may be considered for admissions with unclassified postbaccalaureate standing when they meet the standards specified under General Requirements. No more than 12 units of credit earned in unclassified standing may be used to demonstrate fitness to complete a program or may be counted toward meeting requirements for a graduate degree. Such units will be accepted only upon approval of the department in which the student is taking a degree. Admission to the university with unclassified postbaccalaureate standing does not constitute admission to credential or graduate degree programs.

Classified Postbaccalaureate Standing

Students who have satisfied the general requirements for admission may be granted classified standing for the purpose of enrolling in a particular postbaccalaureate credential or certificate program. They must also satisfy such additional professional, personal, scholastic and other standards as are prescribed for the program, including qualifying examinations. Postbaccalaureate students interested in working toward a multiple subjects credential, a single subject credential, a services credential or a specialist credential must achieve classified standing. Credential candidates should check credential requirements for minimum grade point average with the appropriate credential program.

Conditionally Classified Graduate Standing

Students who have not satisfied all of the general requirements for admission, and/or have deficiencies in prerequisite preparation which can be met by specified additional preparation, including qualifying examinations, may be admitted to a graduate degree curriculum with conditionally classified graduate standing. These deficiencies must be corrected in the specified manner in order for a student to continue in the graduate degree program.

Classified Graduate Standing

Students who have satisfied the general requirements for admission may be admitted to a graduate degree program as classified graduate students, if they satisfactorily meet the professional, personal, scholastic and other standards for admission to the program, including qualifying examinations, and if they have removed deficiencies in the specified manner while in conditionally classified graduate standing. Only those students who show promise of success and fitness will be admitted to graduate degree programs, and only those who continue to demonstrate a satisfactory level of scholastic competence and fitness shall be eligible to continue in such programs.