Admissions Requirements

Unofficial Transcripts

To expedite consideration to our graduate program, please upload all unofficial transcripts from institutions you have attended.  The following unofficial transcripts will be required to determine your eligibility:

  • Transcript with your earned degree(s) posted
  • Transcripts where coursework was completed that counted toward your earned degree(s)
  • Transcripts with any post-baccalaureate level coursework taken
  • Transcript from the last institution that you attended

Upload your unofficial transcripts to the DOCUMENTS section in Cal State Apply (photographs of transcripts are not acceptable). If you are unable to upload your transcripts for any reason, we encourage you to finalize your application and email your unofficial transcripts to as soon as possible.  However, please note that uploading your unofficial transcripts with your application will help avoid missing program and early registration deadlines.
If you are officially admitted to our university, you will be required to submit official transcripts to the Office of Graduate Studies in order to secure your enrollment for the following term.  Once you receive your official notice of admission, please make arrangements to have your official transcripts sent to:

California State University, San Bernardino
Attn: Office of Graduate Studies, CH-123
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA 92407

You may contact our office at (909) 537-5058 or with any questions regarding your graduate application.

International Students: Please submit your transcripts to the Office of International Admissions.  You may contact them at (909) 537-5288 or

GPA Requirement

If applicant holds only a Bachelor’s degree:

  1. If the cumulative GPA on the Bachelor’s granting transcript has 60 or more semester units or 90 or more quarter units listed and is 2.5 or above, then the GPA is acceptable.
  2. If the cumulative GPA is below 2.5, then the GPA will be calculated using the last 60 semester units or 90 quarter units.  If the calculated GPA is 2.5 or above, the GPA is acceptable. 
  3. If the cumulative GPA and the last 60 semester unit or 90 quarter unit GPA are both below 2.5, then all undergraduate transcripts will be used to calculate both a total cumulative and a last 60 semester unit or 90 quarter unit GPA.  If either GPA calculation is 2.5 or above, then the GPA is acceptable.
  4. If both calculated GPA’s (cumulative and last 60 or 90) are below 2.5, then an appeal is required. 

If applicant has 12 or more semester or 16 or more quarter Graduate units or a Graduate Degree:

  1. If the cumulative GPA from the highest degree is 3.0 or above, then the GPA is acceptable.  If below 3.0, then an appeal is required.
  2. If no graduate degree has been earned but 12 or more semester or 16 or more quarter graded, graduate units have been received, then calculate GPA on all graduate units.  If 12 or more semester or 16 or more quarter units GPA is 3.0 or above, then the GPA is acceptable.  If below, then an appeal is required.
  3. If the applicant has any CSU graduate units and the GPA is below 3.0, then an appeal is required.
  4. If an applicant has a minimum of 8 graduate units from CSUSB in the graduate program to which the applicant is applying, with a GPA of 3.0 or above, they are admissible. 

*The Office of Graduate Studies performs all GPA calculations on a case-by-case basis and these best practices are meant as a guide.  As always, special circumstances arise and not every situation can be listed.  If all attempts to achieve an acceptable GPA are unsuccessful, a Graduate Studies Admissions Specialist will email the department and recommend the applicant be denied.  If the department wishes to pursue the applicant further, then an appeal will be required. 

If particular programs have higher GPA requirements than 2.5, the GPA requirement can be tailored to that program’s requirements.

Applicants must be in good standing in the last institution attended to be admissible.

Regarding the appeal process, applicants have a right to appeal this decision within 15 days of this notification. Applicants must submit a written appeal to the Office of Graduate Studies. Appeals will be reviewed by the graduate program and answered before the last day of registration for the term to which you have applied.