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Parking Accommodations

Parking Accommodations

SSD can help with your parking accommodations in the following ways:

  • Accessible parking, including on-campus parking registration,
  • temporary parking permit arrangements, and
  • application assistance for students who do not have state DMV Disabled Person Parking Placards or Plates.

If you are a Department of Rehabilitation client

There may be a fee waiver for parking for DOR consumers. It is important you talk to your Department of Rehabilitation counselor often in order to access all services. Many SSD students qualify to also be Department of Rehabilitation students through Workability. You can see more of this process for DOR parking fee waivers from the Office of Financial Aid...

If you have a parking placard and financial need

The campus parking fee may be waived for students with disabilities who meet the eligibility standards based on financial need. To qualify, students must have a DMV disabled placard/plate and meet the federal guidelines for financial aid. Students should contact their SSD counselor and also contact CSUSB Parking Services for more information.


Rules of Parking with a Placard on Campus

All individuals parking on campus in a designated disabled space must display their DMV issued disabled placard/plate and a valid CSUSB parking permit. In accordance with Education Code 67301 (b), visitors displaying a valid disabled placard or license plate are required to obtain and display a complimentary Daily Permit. Read more on the rules of parking on campus with a placard...