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Temporary Accommodations

Temporary accommodations can be provided to students at CSUSB if they fall under the following categories: COVID-19, injury, surgeries and sometimes pregnancy.

Your temporary accommodations all begin with a meeting with your counselor to determine the functional limitations of your temporary conditions in what is called the “interactive process.” 

One important thing to remember with all accommodations is that they only move forward, not backwards. So it is important to talk with us about something that is happening in real time, not about something that happened in the past, because we can’t accommodate in the past, only in the present.

Below you will find a few examples of temporary accommodations.


If you are anticipating a change in your circumstance, such as with an upcoming surgery or treatment, please know that you can contact our office in advance to set up your appointment with your counselor.


Pregnancy itself is not viewed as a disability, however, sometimes there are conditions related to being pregnant that can trigger accommodations both before and after birth. There are many important conversations to have with your counselor. Examples of conditions that could trigger temporary accommodations can include: bed rest, urgency, mobility, or postpartum recovery, among others. Please see your counselor and make an appointment to best prepare for your journey into parenthood.


Covid and other illnesses can trigger temporary accommodations. Please call or email our office (don’t come in with your illness) to get more information about triggering illness-related accommodations.


Next steps

Please review the following above information and contact us if you have any questions at 

Please contact our office to set up a counselor meeting today in order to begin the interactive process and get your temporary accommodations