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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as a disability?

SSD also provides services for temporary disabilities (i.e. broken leg, sprained ankle).

All accommodations are assigned based upon review of applicable medical documentation.

What can SSD do for me?

SSD provides academic support services for a wide range of disabilities. Services are assigned on a case-by-case basis and are based upon the documentation submitted with the Application for Services PDF.

What if I need an accommodation that is not offered?

SSD strives to reasonably accommodate students based on the requirements established by the American Disabilities Act (ADA).
Please visit our Services page for more information.

What if I need after hour’s services?

Evening services are available but cannot extend beyond 10 PM.

How do I become a notetaker?

As part of our note taking service, SSD recruits students from the classes that are being requested. Selected notetakers must follow specific guidelines to ensure timely submission of notes.

Requirements of a Notetaker

  • The class must be the exact one that is being requested. SSD will not allow notetakers to take notes for classes that are not a part of their normal class schedule.
  • The notetaker selected must provide notes for every class session attended starting from the first day recruited through the last official day of classes. The first page must have the appropriate heading, including the class information. Class titles are not acceptable since similar subjects can span several departments. Follow the format on the Note Taking Training Reference Guide.
  • Notes must be submitted in a timely manner (at least 24 hours after class session). Failure to do so may result in being removed as a notetaker and no longer eligible to take notes for future quarters. If the notetaker is absent, they must contact SSD and inform the office of their absence.
  • For class sessions that do not have notes or the class is cancelled, notetakers must submit an entry to SSD. They may email the office at and state that no notes were taken for that class date due to the reason (i.e. class activity, exam, class cancelled).
  • Electronic submission of notes is highly encouraged. The notes must be submitted in PDF format through the accepted applications (i.e. CamScan). Notetakers can also type their notes and submit them electronically in MS Word documents, which must be accessible (12pt font, Trebuchet, Verdana, or Times New Roman, light colors for highlighting or bold). They can be submitted to
  • Handwritten notes must be legible and written in a reasonable size. If they are too small, the notetaker may be asked to rewrite and resubmit. Pen is preferable but pencil is acceptable. If writing in pencil, please make dark lines so the notes can be photocopied.
  • NCR paper is available if the notetaker wishes to submit notes in that format and is available at SSD.
  • Notes can be submitted after hours in the drop box outside the SSD office.

By following all these guidelines, notetakers will receive Priority Registration for the next applicable quarter they register for classes. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in loss of Priority Registration.