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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies as a disability?

SSD also provides services for temporary disabilities (i.e. broken leg, sprained ankle, COVID-19).

All accommodations are assigned based upon review of applicable documentation.

What can SSD do for me?

SSD provides academic support services for a wide range of disabilities. Services are assigned on a case-by-case basis and are based upon the documentation submitted with the student’s application. To apply for services, fill out the online application and click on the button that says New Student.

What if I need an accommodation that is not offered?

SSD strives to reasonably accommodate students based on the requirements established by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
Please visit our Services page for more information.

What if I need after hours services?

Evening services are available Monday through Thursday, but cannot extend beyond 9:45 pm.

How do I become a notetaker?

The SSD office recruits notetakers from classes that are being requested by registered SSD students.  Become a notetaker. Prior to the start of each term, matches are made from the volunteer database with the classes being requested. Recruiting emails and in-class recruits (in person and via Zoom) are other ways that SSD identifies notetakers.

What are the benefits of becoming a notetaker?

Students who volunteer to be a notetaker are given Priority I registration for their subsequent term of enrollment. Priority I registration guarantees a registration appointment on the first day registration opens. In addition to the valuable benefit of priority registration, notetakers often report an overall improvement in grades in the classes for which they are the notetaker.

What are the requirements of a notetaker?

  • Notetakers are required to watch a short video entitled “How to Take Effective Notes” and answer a few questions regarding the information provided in the video.
  • Notetakers are required to submit notes via email to the SSD office within 24 hours after each class meeting to Acceptable forms of notes are Word or PDF documents or high-quality pictures of legibly written handwritten notes. Scanning apps, such as CamScanner, are frequently used. It is the notetaker’s responsibility to obtain notes from another student in the event the notetaker is not able to attend class.
  • Directions on how to format notes are included in the required video, and it is expected that the notetaker will follow these instructions as well as submit notes in a timely manner to receive priority registration.

Please direct any questions to