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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below please find useful commonly asked questions. For your convenience, we have categorized these by audience type: new student, current student, faculty and volunteers. 

New Student Questions

What qualifies as a disability?

There are many ways a person may qualify for services. Please see a complete list. SSD also provides services for temporary disabilities (i.e. broken leg, sprained ankle, COVID-19). All accommodations are assigned based upon review by a counselor.

What can SSD do for me?

SSD provides academic support services for a wide range of disabilities. Services are assigned on a case-by-case basis and are based upon the documentation submitted with the student’s application. To apply for services, fill out the online application.


Current Student Questions

What if I need an accommodation that is not offered?

SSD strives to reasonably accommodate students. Please schedule an appointment with your counselor so that you can discuss with them what you are experiencing and what may help assist you.

What if I need after hours services?

Evening services are available Monday through Thursday, but cannot extend beyond 9:45 pm.

What is Accessible Information Management (AIM)?

We call our accommodations portal AIM, which stands for Accessible Information Management. Here, we manage accommodations, appointments, and case management.

What are some important emails and contacts at SSD?

Please see the list of current team members, or utilize the contacts listed below by service:

  • SSD Main Email:
  • Alternate Media:
  • Mobility Services:
  • Notetaking and SmartPen Services:
  • Exam Accommodation:
  • Deaf Services:

Faculty Questions

What do I do when I get an accommodation letter?

You may get an accommodation letter notifying you about the needs of a student. Please honor that letter exactly as the letter is guided by the ADA, Section 504 and Chancellor's Executive Orders pertaining to rights of disabled students on our campus.

What if I don't know how to technically comply with an accommodation letter?

This happens and if you are unsure, you aren't alone! If you see something that requires creative problem solving, just reach out to the directors or the counselor listed on the accommodation letter received. Our staff and faculty are here to support you!

Can I extend time online in Canvas?

Yes! You have multiple options! You can provide the test to us to proctor and or ATI and ATAC can help with the build. There are also useful step-by-step directions on how to do this yourself.

What if I am worried about accommodations matching the unique nature of my class, or accommodations matching student need observed?

Reach out to us! Right now, we have a teaching member of faculty on our staff specifically to meet and understand your needs. There are ways to assist you. It is also important to mention that we have fully assessed the students before issuing accommodation letters to you, so your letter is because they have been individually confirmed to have a need for reasonable accommodation.

What does Audio Recording mean as an accommodation?

It means student will either bring a recorder or be provided a recorder for personal use only under agreement with our office it will not be used or shared or disseminated for any other purpose.

What does Kurzweil mean as an accommodation?

Kurzweil is an assistive technology that supports students with learning differences in accessing written texts. All that is needed from faculty is to make sure their books are with the bookstore and to email any readings that go beyond the text such as PDFs or links to other readings are emailed to our office.


Volunteer Questions

How do I become a notetaker?

The SSD office recruits notetakers on an ongoing basis and you can sign up online. Recruiting emails and in-class recruits (in person and via Zoom) are other ways that SSD identifies notetakers.

What are the benefits of becoming a notetaker?

Students who volunteer to be a notetaker are given Priority I registration for their subsequent term of enrollment. Priority I registration guarantees a registration appointment on the first day registration opens. In addition to the valuable benefit of priority registration, notetakers often report an overall improvement in grades in the classes for which they are the notetaker.

What are the requirements of a notetaker?

Notetakers are required to watch a short video and answer a few questions regarding the information provided in the video. Notetakers are required to submit notes via email to the SSD office within 24 hours after each class meeting to Acceptable forms of notes are Word or PDF documents or high-quality pictures of legibly written handwritten notes. Scanning apps, such as CamScanner, are frequently used. It is the notetaker’s responsibility to obtain notes from another student in the event the notetaker is not able to attend class. Please direct any questions to