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Forms for New Students 

New students may find it helpful to have access to forms as they join our office. 

Disability Verification Form (DVR)

This form is among the documentation students can submit to us as part of our intake process. However, you can still meet with a counselor without this form to begin a conversation about any unique needs you have. You may hear us call this form a "DVR" which just means one of a few ways we can get more information from you about your differences. 

Disability Verification Form





Forms for Current Students

Students currently registered with SSD may access non-confidential public-facing forms given to them by their counselors or SSD staff.

Accessible Furniture

Accessible Furniture Policies and Guidelines


Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking Instructions

Accessible Parking Temporary Medical Parking Permit Form


Alternative Media

Alternative Media Policies and Guidelines

Alternative Media Book Submission

Alternative Media Copyright Agreement


Assignment Accommodation

Assignment Accommodations Policies and Guidelines

Extended Time on Assignment Request Form


Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Policies and Guidelines


Attendance Accommodations

Attendance Modification Form


Audio Recording

Audio Recording and Transcription Agreement


Captioning Services

Captioning Policies and Guidelines


Cart Services

Cart Services Policies and Guidelines


Class Aide

Class Aide Policies and Guidelines


Housing Accommodations

Housing Accommodation Policies and Guidelines



Interpreting Policies and Guidelines


Temporary Accommodations

Temporary Accommodations Policies and Guidelines


Records Access

Records Access Request Form


Reduced Course Load

Reduced Course Load Policies and Guidelines


Remote Instruction

Remote Instruction Policies and Guidelines

Remote Instruction Request Form


Smart Pen Notetaking Device

Smart Pen Policies and Guidelines


Testing Accommodations

Testing Policies and Guidelines


Visual Impairment Orientation

Visual Impairment Orientation Policies and Guidelines


Voluntary Release of Information

Voluntary Release of Information