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Applying for Services as a New Student

How to Apply for Services as a New Student

New students can apply for services using the easy four-step process described below.


Easy Four-Step Process

We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations that support you in being successful in school and in college life. The process to join us and determine eligibility is four-step application detailed below.

Step 1: Contact Us!

Contact SSD to register with our office by email, phone or through our online accommodations portal. All contact with SSD is free and confidential. 

Apply for Services in our Accommodations Portal

Step 2: Complete and Submit

Fill out and submit your application materials when prompted in the accommodations portal. You will be invited to submit any relevant documentation from your doctor, medical provider, previous SSD office or therapists at this time.

Step 3: Review of Materials

An SSD counselor will review the documentation for eligibility and a brief introduction (Meet and Greet) will be scheduled either in person, by phone, or via Zoom. We aim to hold our initial meeting with you ten (business) days or less after your application is submitted.

Step 4: Intake Meeting

A second meeting will officially welcome you into SSD. There, we will verify your enrollment, assign your accommodations, and sign any necessary paperwork.