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Faculty Resources

At CSUSB, we know that faculty are committed to the ultimate success of each of their students, both with and without differences. We are continually working on improving our processes of communicating with you and supporting you, our valued faculty colleagues.

Some of the questions you have might be about accommodations, syllabi language, campus resources, accommodations letters, testing, extra time and more. Over the coming days, we will continue to develop this space as a resource to anticipate and answer your questions. 

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Faculty Guidelines Video

SSD's faculty training video provides the latest information for faculty who work with students with disabilities.

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Video Introduction

In just 18-minutes this video covers: 

  • important laws that govern disability services
  • the process by which students enroll in SSD services
  • faculty rights and responsibilities
  • accommodations in the classroom setting
  • and more.

Faculty Guidelines Handbook

Services to Students with Disabilities offers a wide range of services to individuals with disabilities and as faculty, it can be very helpful to understand more about our processes.

Faculty Guidelines Handbook

The Faculty Guidelines are designed to assist faculty members in understanding implementing accommodations in the classroom.

Download Faculty Handbook

We encourage faculty to contact SSD with questions or concerns about accommodations. Please reach out to us at or through our Interim Faculty Director, Dr. Jess Block Nerren at

Read on Issuu!

For ease in readability and access, we have crated and offered an online, "magazine style" format to learn more about meeting the needs of your students with accommodations from our office.

Read Guidelines Online as a Magazine

Cover of handbook