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Confidentiality Information

SSD is committed to ensuring that all information regarding a student is kept confidential as required by law under the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Confidentiality Policies

Information collected by SSD is primarily used to determine the presence of a disability, functional limitations, and to determine reasonable accommodations. 

Internal Information

Only SSD staff has access to student files. Any information regarding a disability submitted by the student (i.e. medical documentation) is considered confidential and is shared with authorities within the institution on a need-to-know basis.

External Information

In addition, the SSD Voluntary Release of Confidential Information form can be submitted and remains in effect for up to one year.

Exceptions to the confidentiality policy are as follows:

  • The student states they intend to harm themselves or another person(s);
  • The student reports or describes any suspected physical abuse, neglect, or sexual abuse of children or vulnerable adults
  • The student reports the use of an illegal drug for nonmedical purposes during pregnancy;
  • The student reports or describes sexual exploitation by counseling or healthcare professionals.


SSD will retain a copy of all information provided. If a student wishes to have a record expunged, he or she must make a written request to the director, who will then decide whether it is necessary for the office to retain the record.

If you have any questions about SSD’s confidentiality policies, please contact the SSD office at