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Disabled Parking

Disabled Parking

Disabled Parking Permits

All individuals parking on campus in a designated disabled space must display their DMV issued disabled placard/plate and a valid CSUSB parking permit. In accordance with Education Code 67301 (b), visitors displaying a valid disabled placard or license plate are required to obtain and display a complimentary Daily Permit. Disabled visitors may stop at either Information Centers (off University Parkway or Coyote Drive) for a one-day permit upon verification of visitor status. Disabled visitors MUST provide a valid disabled placard, the DMV Registration for the disabled placard, and a valid form of identification to obtain a one-day permit. 

All disabled faculty, staff, and students may purchase a permit online here, purchase permit. The campus parking fee may be waived for students with disabilities who meet the eligibility standards based on financial need. To qualify, students must have a DMV disabled placard/plate and meet the federal guidelines for financial aid. Students must fill out and submit the ‘Request for Waiver of Campus Parking Fee’ form which can be found on our Forms page. The Financial Aid Office will verify eligibility.

Authorized Disabled Parking

Disabled Placard/Plate Holders May Park In: 

  • International Symbol of Access spaces/curbs (designated blue disabled spaces with a valid CSUSB permit)
  • 30 Minute Timed spaces (designated green timed spaces with a valid CSUSB permit)
  • Carpool spaces (with a valid carpool permit and a valid CSUSB permit) 
  • Resident spaces (with a valid CSUSB resident permit)
  • General spaces (with a valid CSUSB permit)

Disabled Placard/Plate Holders May NOT Park In: 

  • Cross-Hatched (striped areas) next to disabled spaces 
  • Reserved spaces
  • Faculty/Staff spaces
  • Service Vehicle spaces 
  • “Employee Only” Timed spaces
  • Child Care Drop-Off spaces/curbs
  • Yellow Loading/Unloading spaces/curbs (unless loading/unloading freight)
  • White Loading/Unloading spaces/curbs (unless loading/unloading passengers)
  • Red Fire Lane spaces/curbs (NO parking, idling, loading, unloading, etc.)


California Vehicle Code Section 4461(b) (c) prohibits anyone from lending their placard, knowingly permitting the use of their placard or allowing anyone else to use it while they are not present.  In addition, a person shall not display a disabled person placard that was not issued to him or her or that has been canceled or revoked.

California Vehicle Code §22511.56, permits peace officers and parking enforcement personnel to confiscate misused placards and plates in addition to any other applicable penalty for the misuse of a placard, the officer or parking enforcement person may confiscate a placard being used for parking purposes that benefit a person other than the person to whom the placard was issued.

If you have any further questions regarding the disabled parking policy, please contact Parking Services at 909-537-5912.