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SSD Community Advisory Board


Advocacy is an important part of the work of SSD. We advocate for inclusion of people with differences at systems and policy levels through out the campus and the CSU system. Below are some of the boards, teams and panels we sit on in order to ensure inclusion.


SSD Community Advisory Board

SSD recently reestablished their Community Advisory Board. This is an advisory group of individuals, advocates, faculty, administrators, students, staff and community members who are deeply invested in inclusion, accommodation and the discussion of the rights of people with differences. Through their insight, SSD gains a direct understanding from individuals and stakeholders of the best approaches, methods and practices to serve students with disabilities.

Advisory Board Members
Arturo Brooks

Darian Manuz

Dr. Amanda Wilcox-Herzog, Ph.D.
Dr. Becky Sumbera,Ed.D
Dr. Brad Owen, Ph.D, MFA

Dr. Chad Sweeney, Ph.D.

Dr. Daria Graham, Ph.D
Dr. Denise Rockwell, Ph.D., BCBA-D

Dr. Hannah Kivalahula-Uddin, Ph.D.

Dr. Heekyung Lee, Ph.D
Dr. Jess Block Nerren, Ed.D.

Dr. Jessi Block, Psy.D.

Dr. Kevin Grisham, Ph.D.
Dr. Lori Palmerton, Ed.D. LMFT
Dr. Molly Springer, Ed.D.

Dr. Princess Solomon, Ed.D.

Dr. Stacie Robertson, Ph.D.

Dr. Stanley Swartz, Ph.D.

Elysse Acosta, MA Candidate
Fernando Olivarez
Kelly Dortch

Louisa Higgins, M.Ed.

Rosie Garza, MA
Stephanie Rivas, MA Candidate



Other Board Service by SSD

SSD leadership and staff serve in many important roles on the CSUSB campus that guide policy and practice related to inclusion, accessibility, accommodation, access and equity.


ATI Steering Committee

The CSUSB Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Steering Committee was established under the authority of the CSU's coded memo regarding accessible technology. The Steering Committee is advisory to the Accessible Technology Services (ATS) Coordinator and is co-chaired by the CIO and VP of Information Technology Services and the VP of Students Affairs. The ATI Steering Committee advises implementation of the CSU Accessible Technology Initiative at CSU San Bernardino in the following three priority areas: Web accessibility, Instructional materials accessibility, Accessible Information & Communication Technologies (ICT). The Committee also facilitates as a liaison to other stakeholder groups.

Campus Accessibility Advisory Board Committee (CAAB)

The CSUSB community and SSD have teamed up to form an advocacy group, the Campus Accessibility Advisory Board Committee (CAAB). It is composed of faculty, students, senior administrators, staff members and others who meet quarterly to address issues specific to access and accommodations for persons with disabilities. Subcommittees provide focus on assistive technology, architectural barriers, disability awareness, fundraising, and health and safety. Additionally, quarterly forums are held with administrators to gain updates on campus architectural barrier removal projects.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Board

The President’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Board was created as a centralized unit to plan, implement, and coordinate activities to increase inclusiveness and bring a variety of perspectives to CSUSB. Membership of the DEI board consists of representatives from shared governance bodies like the Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and ASI, as well as representatives from the cultural centers, affinity groups, and experts across campus. SSD has three representatives currently serving on the DEI board. Marci Daniels, SSD Director, and Rosie Garza, Physical and Visual Disabilities Specialist at the Palm Desert Campus, serve as staff representatives. Our student representative is first-generation college student, Erick Rocha.

CARE Team 

The CARE (Campus Assessment, Response and Education) Team is a multidisciplinary group of professional staff members that come together to provide support and resources to students. The CARE Team reviews, assesses and responds to student issues that may present barriers to their personal and academic success, such as food and housing insecurity, emotional distress, health concerns, or other personal challenges. The CARE Team also responds to referrals involving individuals that may be exhibiting concerning behaviors that may be disruptive, erratic, or threatening. The role of the CARE Team is to provide a supportive resource for students, address student concerns, and maintain a safe campus environment. 

San Bernardino Campus Architectural Committees

SSD attends and advocates for students with differences on the architectural planning committees for the San Bernardino campus. Recent projects have included the expansion of the student union and the new performing arts building which are both more accessible thanks to the advocacy of former Director, Marci Daniels.

Palm Desert Architectural Committees

SSD attends and advocates for students with differences on the architectural planning committees for the Palm Desert campus. Recent projects include the new student services building which is going to be more accessible with more resources for SSD students.