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The SSD office works in accordance with federal and state laws, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008 (ADA), and the California Education Code to provide students with disabilities accommodations that ensure equal access to learning and equal opportunity for academic success. The legislation also provides architectural guidelines to ensure accessible buildings. The university and SSD are committed to upholding legal mandates. SSD advocates diversity at the CSUSB campus by providing awareness while maintaining its mission of promoting self-efficacy amongst the students it serves. Disability awareness activities, meetings with faculty, and consultations with administrators responsible for physical planning, have been effective in promoting the spirit of the legislation and in advancing the rights of persons with disabilities.

The CSUSB community and SSD have teamed up to form an advocacy group, the Campus Accessibility Advisory Board Committee (CAAB). It is composed of faculty, students, senior administrators, staff members and others who meet quarterly to address issues specific to access and accommodations for persons with disabilities. Subcommittees provide focus on assistive technology, architectural barriers, disability awareness, fund-raising, and health and safety. Additionally, quarterly forums are held with administrators to gain updates on campus architectural barrier removal projects.

SSD has also established a Student Advisory Board as an advocacy group for current and prospective students. Their goal is to offer perspective as well as address the current programs and services that are available to students with disabilities. Through their insight, SSD gains a direct understanding of how to best serve its students as well as comply with the ADA and Section 504.