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Campus Accessibility Guide

About This Guide

California State University, San Bernardino offers a wide range of services to individuals with disabilities. This accessibility guide is designed to help individuals with disabilities navigate safely throughout the CSUSB campus. Inside, you will find valuable information, including locations of accessible parking, exterior paths of travel and accessible entrances to building facilities, along with policies, emergency evacuation procedures, areas of refuge and descriptions of a wide range of facilities and services available to students, faculty, staff and visitors with disabilities. Information contained in this guide is available in print and online at 

Campus Accessibility Guide (15mb)

Throughout this guide you will find references to various offices and departments on campus that may be able to provide additional information. We welcome and encourage you to contact any of these offices directly with any questions or concerns you may have regarding policies or accessibility issues. Although we have made every effort to include the most up-to-date policies and information, individual policies, office hours and services may change from time to time. Offices and departments responsible for the services/policies in question will be able to provide the most current information, which supersedes the information contained within this access guide. 

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Campus Accessibility Guide