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Community Accommodations

Accommodations in the Campus Community

Many times, students may need accommodations at CSUSB beyond the traditional classroom. We support students needing accommodation in many different settings. The first step is always to apply to be accommodated by SSD.


On Campus

Events and Clubs

You may need your accommodations to follow you to campus events or other spaces on campus. Please contact the host of the event and notify them of the accommodations you need at least 72 hours in advance.


Our mobility carts helps students with mobility needs get to their locations around campus via designated stops. 

Incoming Freshmen

SSD accommodates students who are part of a program called "Coyote First Step" which is a way to ease into college life and academics and provides skills development in college-level writing and mathematics. More information...



Field Trips

We can provide support letters and accommodation letters for field trips. Please make sure to communicate with your instructor and your SSD counselor early when you think there may be a field trip that you need accommodations for.


Sometimes you may have classes that put you into the field, such as science labs, research courses, or student teaching. We can work with your supervisors and the sites involved, but only with advance notice as early as possible, so that way we are kind to the people involved in this more complex process.


Community Coordination

Support Letters

Sometimes write support letters to provide background of a unique need you may have related to the unique circumstances related to being a student with SSD. This can help to provide context as needed and only authorized by you.

Coordination with Agencies

Students with SSD may also benefit from being with Workability or Department of Rehabilitation for the trainings and financial supports they offer. Sometimes our students are receiving services with Inland Regional Center or social workers of various public agencies. We can coordinate with state, regional and local social services to work together with a release of information.