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Family Advocates & Support Systems


Here at SSD, we want to support our students to the best of our ability. With the help of family advocates and support systems we can create this support on a new level! Please look below for valuable information! If you have any questions please email us at 


  • Supporting from the start: Have your student fill out a Voluntary Release of Confidential Information form to begin the support process and we can meet with you both together
  • Assisting students in school: There will be barriers within their educational journey, when they arise, please motivate the student to self-advocate for their rights to accommodations or have the student email us at to create a case on the issue that is occurring. 
  • Self-advocacy: Within higher education and disabilities self-advocacy is important. We want our students to learn how to self-advocate. There is useful information on our Self Advocacy page which has additional valuable resources 
  • Understanding their rights: please take our guiding policy area to get a better understanding of ADA, 504, and many other policies that assist our students with disabilities rights! 
  • Frequently asked questions: There are many questions you may have about supporting your student. That is normal! Please find a section of our frequently asked questions just for family advocates.