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There are many accommodations that sometimes are a fit for our students. First, we get to know you and understand your need through what is called an interactive process. Then, we assign accommodations that are reasonable and necessary.  Below you will find a list in text and graphic formats that list some but not all of our accommodations to give you an idea of some of the ways we accommodate our students. If you have any questions, we would love to talk with you!

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Accommodation List:

  •  Disability-related counseling 
  • Connection with resources 
  • Priority registration 
  • Temporary disability 
  • Parking fee waiver 
  • On-campus mobility assistance 
  • Note-taking 
  • Housing 
  • Audio record class 
  • Assistive technologies 
  • Sign language interpreters 
  • Emotional support animals 
  • Transcription and captioning 
  • Accessible format of materials 
  • Alternative furniture 
  • Scent-free environments 
  • Supplemental specialized orientation 
  • Test accommodations 
  • Specialized tutoring 
  • Consultation with faculty 
  • Course Substitution 
  • Class aides 
  • Remote instruction or alternate assignments 
  • Extend time on assignments