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The Cognitive Collective

"The Cog" A Space for NeuroConnection, NeuroHarmony and NeuroDiversity

We are a space that advocates for neurodiversity, promotes inclusive education, resources and champion the phenomenal strengths of every individual. (This statement was created by Comm 2491 CoyotePR Self Advocacy Class.)

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We are counting on your donations and support to make this the thriving hub of empowerment, resources, research, community, and more. Please give your support so that we can assist our neurodiverse community in holding space, amplifying voices of the neurodiverse and establishing a powerful sense of belonging grounded in the center.

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Help us make this space different than any other space on campus. We envision a reading library on disability studies, disability justice, and the self-created histories of neurodiverse self advocates and family advocates. We hope to have a sensory lending library, an sensory-friendly space and more. We can only do this with your help!

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Location and contact

  • Location: University Hall 401.02 (map)
  • Hours (during academic year): 
    • M 8-5
    • T 8-3:30
    • W 8-3:30
    • Th 8-3:30
  • Contact:

The Knowledge that Informs The Cog

"...higher education must contribute to the information of a complete person who truly values life and freedom" (Yosso, 2023, September; El Plan De Santa Barbara, 1969, pp. 9-10)

"Nothing about us without us" (Charlton, 1998)

"...the first thing you need is a belief in yourself and the knowledge that you have rights. The next thing you need is a group of friends to fight back with." (Heumann, 2020)

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What we do

The Cog is becoming a thriving space for incredible and amazing happenings. From a student resource, to a powerful research hub on an under-researched area led by self advocates, to a sensory and reading library that serves the community, and much more. Some of the things The Cog hopes to offer in the future include:

  • Amplification of neurodiverse voices in our campus community
  • Policy advocacy
  • Neurodiversity inclusive events
  • Workforce/career coaching and readiness training
  • Peer groups
  • A research hub on neurodiversity inclusion
  • A reading library on neurodiversity history and topics
  • A center for anti-ableism and disability justice
  • A resource for disability studies -themed coursework
  • A welcoming environment for neurodiverse students, staff and faculty
  • A speaker center where community members who are open can amplify their voice speaking their truth in educational and community environments
  • A training center where the knowledge of the center can be delivered to K-12 and higher education settings in the form of panels, workshops and full day trainings on cultural competency and disability inclusion through an equity lens.
  • A sensory zone
  • A hub of self advocacy, including involvement with self advocacy coursework on campus

Please note

The Cog is open to all people with and without disabilities, who are and are not neurodiverse. There is no implication of disability by participating. There is no implication of neurodivergence by attending in Cog activities. This is a space for allies, individuals, self advocates, family advocates, providers, educators and anyone passionate about the work of inclusion.


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A few things we are not

  • We do not adhere to a deficit thinking or medical model of disability or neurodiversity.
  • We do not silo ourselves in our thinking rather we are interdisciplinary and collaborative
  • We do neurodiversity inclusion research, not research on neurodiverse people. 
  • We are not restrictive or reductive in our language, rather we seek to include all people, acknowledging they may refer to themselves in a multitude of ways.

Events and Past Events


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