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Self Advocacy

Self Advocacy at SSD

We encourage all forms of self advocacy at SSD. We love our students to be the most impactful self advocates they can possibly be. In support of self advocacy, we host seminars and coursework towards an undergraduate degree on self advocacy, something that we are really proud of providing our students. Below, please find some of our current, past, and ongoing self advocacy offerings.

Self Advocacy Class

The self advocacy class is a general elective class at CSUSB open to all people with and without disabilities. We mentor and practice our self advocacy guided by self advocates, in and inclusive setting. All self advocates at all levels are welcome and invited. Free textbook and no prerequisites required. San Bernardino and Palm Desert students welcome and included.

Self Advocacy Workshops

The peer coaching series takes self advocacy into the SSD and CSUSB community and beyond. Discussing important topics such as self advocating across in-person, written, and digital environments, the peer coaching series is a time to celebrate our differences and learn from each other in an inclusive setting.

 Advocacy Videos 

<a href="">Watch Stella YouTube Video</a>


<a href="">Watch Dr.Chad YouTube Video</a>

Watch Dr.Chad Sweeney YouTube VideWatch Dr.Chad YouTube Video
<a href="">Watch Talk on Ableism YouTube Video</a>