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Apply to WorkAbility (Ages 16-21)


An invitation to WorkAbility-IV for Ages 16-21

WA-IV Flyer

Greetings students!

Are you thinking about your future? This is a special program that can PAY for your TUITON, your BOOKS, your supplies, and even your PARKING! It isn't a loan. It isn't a grant. It isn't a scholarship. This is a unique partnership with the Department of Rehabilitation just for people with disabilities to go to college while eliminating some of the barriers to access. We get students ages 16-21 ready for school, work and life!

Our WorkAbility IV program assists hundreds of individuals with disabilities with a successful transition into higher education and work. We bring you self advocacy skills and workforce preparation. It is entirely free, confidential, and individualized to you --thanks to our very skilled and knowledgeable staff. 

Access your brightest and best future today with WorkAbility IV! Please sign up!

For more information, please email WorkAbility IV Interim Faculty Director Jessica Nerren at

We hope you join us today! 


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