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Apply to WorkAbility (Ages 16-21)


An invitation to WorkAbility-IV for Ages 16-21

WA-IV Flyer

Greetings students!

Are you thinking about your future? This is a special program that can PAY for your TUITON, your BOOKS, your supplies, and even your PARKING! It isn't a loan. It isn't a grant. It isn't a scholarship. This is a unique partnership with the Department of Rehabilitation just for people with disabilities to go to college while eliminating some of the barriers to access. We get students ages 16-21 ready for school, work and life!

Our WorkAbility IV program assists hundreds of individuals with disabilities with a successful transition into higher education and work. We bring you self advocacy skills and workforce preparation. It is entirely free, confidential, and individualized to you --thanks to our very skilled and knowledgeable staff. 

Access your brightest and best future today with WorkAbility IV! Please sign up!


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