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Classroom Accommodations

Accommodations in the Classroom

Sometimes, people with differences also need different supports and accommodations in the classroom. We work with instructors to help students reach for their unlimited potential. Each accommodation is according to each unique need and provided through an individual and interactive process.


Commonly Requested Accommodations

Accommodations, support services, and programs that are available to qualified students may include but are not limited to: 

  1. Disability-related counseling and advising
  2. Connection with community and campus resources
  3. Priority Registration
  4. Parking fee waivers
  5. On-campus mobility assistance (shuttle services)
  6. Note Taking
    • Notes from a volunteer
    • Notes from a smart pen
  7. Audio Record Class
    • Recording from a smart pen
    • Recording from your own device
    • Recording from a device you borrow from us
  8. Assistive Technologies
    • Smart Pen
    • Audio Recorders
    • Sign Glasses
    • Braillers
    • Screen Reader
    • Assistive reading devices (our campus uses one called Kurzweil)
  9. Oral and sign language interpreters
    • In-person interpreting
    • Sign language interpreting through zoom
    • Sign language interpreting through assistive technology called Sign Glasses
  10. Transcription and captioning
  11. Accessible formats of instructional materials
  12. Alternative furniture

    • Alternative seating

    • Alternative tables

  13. Supplemental specialized orientation to acquaint students with the campus environment
  14. Test accommodation
    • Extended time
    • Proctoring
    • Adapting the mode or presentation without changing content such as scribing
    • Alternative format
    • Distraction-reduced environment
    • Distraction-free environment
  15. Specialized tutoring or diagnostic assessment if available
  16. Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals
  17. Class Aides
  18. Remote Instruction or Alternate Assignments
  19. Temporary disability (such as for Covid, injury, or sometimes for pregnancy)
  20. Scent-free environments
  21. Housing
  22. Consultation with faculty for students

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