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Adding or Dropping After Census

Spring and Fall Only*

*Please refer to the Summer Class Schedule for procedures, dates and information to add or drop after the summer census dates.


Each term has a specified census date assigned which then becomes the deadline (last day) for adding or dropping a course. Adding or dropping a course after the census date is done by petition and only for serious and compelling reasons. A Petition to Drop After Census can only be submitted through the twelfth (12th) week of classes for each semester.

  • A Petition to Add After Census can be submitted through the last day of class instruction (last day of classes) for the each term. To petition to add after the census date for the term, the student will need to obtain approvals from the instructor of the course, the chair of the department of the course and the Dean of the college for the course in question.
  • To Petition to Drop After Census, the student will need to obtain approvals from the instructor of the course, the chair of the department of the course and the Dean from the college of the student's major. Courses dropped after the census deadline will be assigned a grade of "W". 
  • Supporting documentation is always required and must be attached to the petition. 

Permission Request Process:  Petitioning to add or drop after census is available online through your myCoyote login, under My Academics, then Permission Requests.  Select either tab at the top of the page for Permission to Add or Permission to Drop/Withdraw, as appropriate to your request.  Please note:  Petitioning to drop after census is only available after the census date and only through the twelfth (12th) week of classes.  

NEW POLICY:  Beginning Fall quarter 2009, undergraduate students may not exceed 28 quarter or 18 semester units of withdrawals (grade of “W”).  Withdrawals completed prior to Fall 2009 are not included in that total.  This limit applies only to courses taken at CSUSB, including courses taken through Open University, the College of Extended and Global Education and special session.  The policy will be available at the Academic Advising department.  

Both petitions are also available in paper form and instructions for the petitions are listed at the top of each form, when submitting in person. This form can also be obtained at the Office of the Registrar, Registration Services, UH-171, or at any of the five college departments. Return the approved form to the Office of the Registrar, Registration Services, for processing.  

Petition to Add a Course After Census [PDF format]

Petition to Drop a Course After Census [PDF format]

Withdrawing in weeks thirteen (13) through the last day of instruction:

Undergraduate students who find themselves with extenuating circumstances to withdraw from a class, or classes, must petition for Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances online through the Permission Request process as mentioned above and by selecting Withdrawal for Extenuating Circumstances.  These petitions will be reviewed by the office of Academic Advising in UH-329. Supporting documentation must be provided. To reach them, please call 909-537-7345.

Graduate students must petition with the Graduate Studies Office located in the College of Education building, room CE-356.  This process is not available through the Student Center.  Supporting documentation must be provided.  To reach them, please call 909-537-5058 or email them at