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Administrative Drop Policy

Faculty members may initiate an administrative drop of a student in their courses based on any one of the following criteria:


Lack of attendance

Students who fail to attend two consecutive class meetings during the first four weeks of the semester without contacting the faculty member or making special arrangements may be dropped. Students in on-line or hybrid classes who fail to make contact with the instructor either in person or electronically (via email or Canvas) within the first four days of the start of the semester may also be dropped during the first four weeks of the semester.

Prerequisites not met 

Students who are unable to show completion of required courses or do not have the background needed to succeed in the course may be dropped.

Declared majors

Students who have not been formally admitted to certain major programs will be dropped from courses that are open only to declared majors in that program. To remain in such classes, permission of the instructor may be required.


Students who are administratively dropped will receive a notice from the department initiating the drop. This communication will be sent to the student's CSUSB Email. Students should not assume they are automatically disenrolled unless written confirmation is received. It is the student's responsibility to formally withdraw from classes.

If the administrative drop reduces the student's unit load below 6.1 units, the student may be eligible for a refund of certain fees. However it is the student's responsibility to file a request for a refund of fees by the deadline printed in the Academic Term Semester Class Schedule. Refunds are pro-rated beginning with the first day of classes. Check the class schedule for additional refund information. Questions regarding refunds should be addressed to the Student Financial Services Office or by calling (909) 537-5162 or emailing