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Dropping A Class

During Priority, Open Enrollment, Late Registration & by Census:

No record will be made of enrollment (no grade of "W") in courses that are dropped by the specific quarter's CENSUS date. To drop a course use the on-line registration system (MyCoyote) by the census date specified for each quarter. Last day to drop without permissions is the census date specified for each quarter (see below).

Census Deadline

Drops will not be possible after the Census deadline except for serious and compelling reasons.  You will be required to provide documentation in order for the request to be considered.  Furthermore, drops after the deadline will require the signatures of the class instructor, department chair and the College Dean of the student’s major. 

It is the students’ responsibility to verify their class schedule prior to the Census deadline as they will receive a grade for every course in which they are shown to be officially registered.  It is also the students’ responsibility to withdraw (drop) by the Census deadline from any class(es) which they do not plan to attend and complete.  Although an instructor may initiate to drop a student from a class based on the Administrative Drop Policy, students should not assume that the instructor would drop anyone from a class.  (Refer to the university bulletin for information regarding the Administrative Drop Policy.)

Spring 2020:  April 20, 2020

Summer 2020:  June 30, 2020