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The minor is a pattern of courses similar to the major, but less comprehensive.  The number of units required varies with each minor.  A listing of all minors may be found in the Bulletin of Courses.  Requirements are listed in each department's section of the catalog.

A minor must be declared (or dropped) on the Minor request form.  If the requested minor is in the same department as the major, the department chair's approval will be required to pursue this minor.  

All minors require a minimum 2.00 grade point average and a minimum of 12 units completed towards the minor, through regular enrollment at CSUSB.  However, some minors require a higher minimum. 

Minors can only be granted for the same term in which the student graduates with an undergraduate degree. 

Undergraduate students may submit a Minor request through their myCoyote Student Center.  Please see the Change of Major/Minor Guide for instructions or view the instructional video to learn how to submit an online request.   However, in some unique cases, it may be necessary to submit a Minor Request PDF form to our office.    

The minor requirements will appear on your PAWS approximately two weeks after the form has been submitted.  An email notification will be sent to your CSUSB email account once your PAWS is ready for viewing.

Impacted Minors

  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology

An impacted minor requires an application request to add an impacted minor to your current major. Because each impacted minor requires different eligibility requirements, students must apply and meet with an advisor within the impacted minor to determine eligibility. If the student is approved, the Application for Impacted Minor will be signed by the department chair as approval for submission to the Office of the Registrar for processing. 

Students Submitting an Application for Impacted Minors

Step 1: Students seeking to add (or change to) an Impacted Minor must first seek approval and signature from the Department Chair (Psychology requires form reviewed by Academic Advisor.)  

  • Criminal Justice (Andrea Schoepfer, Department Chair)
  • Psychology (Christina Hassija, Interim Department Chair) An Academic Advisor must review all student requests to declare Psychology as a minor before receiving the department chair's signature. Students should contact to initiate the review process.

Step 2: Student's approved request must be submitted to Office of the Registrar ( and include the following:

  • Why are you making the request?
  • Expected term and year of graduation
  • Attached PDF form