Course Numbering System

Effective September 1972 the course numbering system was enlarged to include:

Course Number Range Description
001 - 099
Nondegree-applicable credit.
100 - 299
Lower-division courses designed primarily for freshmen and sophomores.
(Graduate credit is not allowed.)
300 - 599
Upper-division courses of junior and senior level; graduate credit may be awarded if course is accepted in a specific graduate program.
600 - 699
Courses for postbaccalaureate and graduate students only.
(May not be taken by undergraduates.)
990 - 999
Special comprehensive exams, projects, etc.; units not awarded
Extension courses
X800 - X989 and X1000 - X999
Courses offered through extension only. (Credit not degree applicable.)
100IP - 699IP
Courses taken by students in the International Programs.
E300 - E699
Credit earned in a continuing education program for residence credit pursuant to an external degree program.