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Leave of Absence

Requesting a Leave of Absence

Undergraduate Students

Degree seeking undergraduate students who plan to be absent from the university for more than one semester must petition for a leave of absence to preserve their current catalog rights with the Academic Advising (UH-329), (909) 537-7345 or at 

Graduate Students

Graduate students must also petition for a leave of absence when planning to be absent for ONE or more semesters. A graduate petition is available through the Office of Graduate Studies (CE -356), (909) 537-5058.


The leave of absence policy covers both involuntary and voluntary interruptions. In most instances, with an approved leave of absence, a student may be absent from the campus without losing their rights to specific degree requirements under an earlier catalog. Petitions for leaves of absence should be filed in advance of the interruption in enrollment. The maximum duration for any leave is two calendar years. 

Leaves of absence will not be approved for students subject to disqualification or dismissal due to academic deficiencies or disciplinary action. Other students ineligible for leaves of absence are those who are not completing any degree applicable course work, those who are enrolling only in extension courses or those who are only auditing courses.

Return from a Leave of Absence

If an educational leave of absence was approved, official transcripts must be submitted prior to readmission.  Students who plan to return from their leave of absence earlier than requested must complete and submit the Readmission from a Leave of Absence form to the Office of the Registrar, Records unit, in order to attend classes once again. NOTE: If a student is returning for the term they were approved for, nothing additional needs to be completed. Students who do not return to CSU, San Bernardino at the conclusion of their planned leaves and those who enroll elsewhere without permission from the Office of the Registrar, will be considered to have withdrawn from the university at the end of their last term of enrollment.