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Term Withdrawal

Dropping down to zero units (or from all classes) is considered a withdrawal from the term and/or university.  To withdraw, this process can now be done over MyCoyote by the designated Census deadline for each term.  Withdrawing from all classes after the Census deadline will require petitioning with the Dean of the College of the student's major. Refer to "Adding and Dropping after Census" for further information on petitioning.

Note: Completing a term withdrawal will close a student's registration access for the term and possibly any subsequent terms thereafter. 

If the student withdraws within their first semester of attendance by the established Census date, he/she will be required to re-apply for admission to a future term.  If after the Census date, the student will receive the grade of "W" and pro-ration of fees is limited (refer to the semester class schedule for end of pro-ration deadlines under the "Fees" pages.)

When completing a term withdrawal, it is the student's responsibility to:

  • Drop/Withdrawal from all enrolled courses.
  • Review their accounts on MyCoyote for any outstanding balance due.
  • Pay the outstanding balance either over MyCoyote, by mail or in person.
  • Contact the Student Financial Services Office for questions regarding any outstanding balances.
  • Contact the Financial Aid office to inform them of this withdrawal and to verify how the withdrawal has affected their aid (grants and/or loans).  

For questions regarding the process of a Term Withdrawal, please contact the Office of the Registrar, Registration Services, at 909-537-5200, option 5.