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Course Overload

Course (Unit) Overload 

Requests accepted only during the Late Registration period in a term.

In order to be considered to carry more than the maximum units allowed, a student must be eligible by having both a grade-point average for the previous term of 3.0 or better and an overall grade-point average of 3.0 or better. Additional units may be added only during the late registration period, if classes remain open and the overload is approved. Additional registration fees must be paid and holds must be cleared prior to submitting a request to overload for processing.

During the summer term, only fourteen (14) max units will be allowed for the term, with seven (7) max units per session, for both undergraduates and graduates.  Summer term will consist of two, five (5) week sessions (also known as 6W1 and 6W2) and one ten (10) week session (also known as 10W).  

To request an overload, permission from the instructor and department chair of the class and the college dean of the student's major is required.  Once Late Registration begins, use the Permission Request link in the Student Center to submit a request.  Click here to view Registration Dates.

  1. Obtain the approval of: 
    • Declared undergraduates must obtain the approval of the Dean of the college of your major. 
    • Undeclared undergraduates must obtain the approval of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies. 
    • Classified graduates and credential seeking students will obtain the approval from their Graduate Program Coordinator. 
    • Unclassified graduates and post-baccalaureates will obtain the approval from the Dean of Graduate Studies. 
  2. Obtain the approval of the instructor for the course that will constitute the overload. 
  3. Obtain the approval from the department chair of the class if the class is closed.