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Application for Early Registration Appointment

For Registration Appointments With Group Associations

Available to faculty and staff only.

Contact: Melissa McCammack
Records and Registration Lead

Application for Early Registration
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The University has established registration within each student level, first by group association and then by units earned. Registration appointments are assigned in the following order:

  • Mandated Groups:  Students with disabilities, veterans, foster youth, note takers and athletes
  • Seniors, Classified Grads: By group association and units earned
  • Juniors, Classified Post-baccalaureates, credentials, 2nd BA post-baccalaureates: By group association and units earned
  • Sophomores:  By group association and units earned
  • Freshmen:  By group association and units earned
  • Unclassified Post-baccalaureates: By units earned
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