Getting Admitted


CSUSB applies the same academic standards to all students that apply for admission. In general, you must have completed high school with a grade of "C" or better in the A-G college prep courses. Students are encouraged to seek guidance from admissions counselors throughout the admissions process. Steps for admission include:

  1. Obtain a copy of any military, high school and community college transcripts and contact the CSUSB Admissions Veterans Liaison Counselors to determine your eligibility for admission.

If eligible,

  1. Submit an application online at Cal State Apply. There is a $55 application fee. After successfully submitting your application, you should receive a confirmation email in approximately two weeks.
  • Some applicants may be eligible to have the $55 dollar application fee waived. To determine eligibility, visit the CSU Budget Office, Fee Waiver website. The application fee will automatically be waived for eligible applicants in accordance with the California Education Code.
  1. Upon receiving the confirmation email from CSUSB, mail or bring any additional documents requested to Admissions and Student Recruitment.
  2. Activate your MyCoyote account by selecting “Activate Your Account” and closely follow the directions on the subsequent screens.
    1. Once activated, applicants are able to view the status of their admission process. Admission decisions will usually arrive via e-mail approximately two to four weeks after you have submitted your application.
    2. If you need help activating your MyCoyote Account, or you experience technical difficulties, contact the help desk at (909)537-7677.
  3. Pay the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit, unless waived, and accept the Offer of Admission.
  4. Attend the appropriate Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) session for your college.
    1. You can find this information on the SOAR for Freshman webpage and the SOAR for Transfer Students webpage
    2. During SOAR you will register for classes
  5. After you register for classes submit your VA benefit forms to the CSUSB School Certifying Official for Veterans Education Benefits. 

Transfer Students

Make an appointment with the Admissions Veterans Liaison Counselors  to determine if your previous school's credits are transferable and that you have enough units to transfer as an upper division student (60 semester units or 90 quarter units).

For more information please visit the Admissions website and The Office of the Registrar’s website

Graduate Students

Please contact the Office of Graduate Studies in Chaparral Hall, room 123. Phone number: (909) 537-5058 or visit the Office of Graduate Studies website

Many programs require an additional application. For information about program-specific application requirements and deadlines, please contact the program.