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California Fee Waiver / Military Spouses and Dependents


Apply for the benefit through the County VA-CAL VET FEE WAIVER

View our downloadable Cal Vet Fee Waiver Pamphlet. Comes with instructions & resource QR codes for the Cal Vet Fee Waiver.

CAL Vet Fee Waiver Instructions
Step 1

To apply for the Cal Vet Fee Waiver, you can visit the Cal Vet website here. On the very bottom of the page you can find an up to date downloadable PDF application. Complete the application and gather necessary documents to submit to your local Cal Vet Office for them to determine your eligibility.

Documents Required:

  • Completed and most up to date DVS40 application 

  • The student’s Birth Certificate showing the relationship of the child with the veteran

  • If the student is married, please provide a copy of the student’s marriage certificate. If filing joint taxes, provide a signed 1040 form and the W2’s for the spouse and student

  • If the student worked during the previous year, provide a signed copy of the student’s completed IRS income tax return Form 1040

  • If the student did not work, and had no reportable income, provide a Verification of Non-filing letter from the Franchise Tax Board or the Internal Revenue Service. To obtain an Individual Status Letter (or Letter of Non-Filing) you can look into the State of California Franchise Tax Board

  • If the veteran is rated 100% P&T, then the current VA Award Letter and a copy of the DD-214 is required

  • If the veteran is rated less than 100% P&T, then a VA Award Letter verifying service-connected disability is required

Please note that additional documents may be required according to your situation: 

  • If the student is a stepchild and their last name is different than the veteran’s, provide a copy of the veteran’s Marriage Certificate and the student’s Birth Certificate
  • If the veteran is unable to sign, please fill out form VSD-021 Non-Veteran Signature Certification

Please remember that the Cal Vet Fee Waiver is only eligible for the academic year in which you applied for. You must reapply each academic year and submit your updated authorization letters to the Veterans Success Center (VSC) for processing. 

Step 2

Once you have been found eligible, you will receive an authorization letter with a code via email. In order to apply the fee waiver to your account, you must provide proof by sending a copy of your authorization letter to the Veterans Success Center in one of the following ways:

  • email the PDF letter file to (please use your coyote email address and include your full name and student ID number, along with the PDF attached)
  • visit the VSC in person to drop off a printed copy
Step 3

Once the VSC receives the authorization letter, the CSUSB SCO will verify the following:

  • Check for residency status with CSUSB (student must be a California resident)
  • Check academic year (each authorization letter only allows the waiver to be applicable for one academic year in which the student applied)
  • Check that student is enrolled in a state funded program. (CSUSB students enrolled in CEGE programs DO NOT qualify for this waiver.)
Step 4

SCO will send the authorization letter to the CSUSB Financial Aid Office and Student Financial Services Office for further processing*.  

  • CSUSB Financial Aid office will add it to your Financial Aid awards.
  • Student Financial Services office will apply the waiver to your student account.

*Cal Vet Fee Waivers take approximately 10-15 business days, or 12 -20 business days with delays, to process. Authorization letters must be turned in no later than 15 days prior to the tuition due date. Please plan your application time accordingly.

Submitting less than 15 days prior, or past the tuition due date will result in tuition waiver delays and the student will be responsible for making tuition payments on time to ensure courses will not be dropped due to non-payment. Students may contact Student Financial Services for payment options in the meantime of their Cal Vet Fee Waiver being processed.

Step 5

Pay for remaining balance shown in your account. Please note that the Cal Vet Fee Waiver only waives mandatory system-wide tuition. 

To check if the Cal Vet Fee Waiver has been applied, check your MyCoyote account.

  • Go to “Student Center”
  • Under Finances, look for “Account Itemization” & verify you are looking at the correct term Information.
  • You should see “Tuition Fee Waiver” applied as the same amount as the “Tuition Fee”. Please refer to the drop down items below for tuition fee amounts depending on your program.

For any questions about this process please contact the CSUSB School Certifying Official.

CSUSB Tuition and fees 

What the waiver covers at CSUSB: Undergraduate, Resident Student
  • Part-time: $1,655
  • Full-time: $2,871


What the waiver covers at CSUSB: Credential, Resident Student
  • Part-time: $1,932
  • Full-time: $3,330


What the waiver covers at CSUSB: Postbach/Graduate*, Resident Student
  • Part-time: $2,082
  • Full-time: $3,588


Doctorate, Resident Student
  • Part-time: $5,919.00
  • Full-time: $5,919.00

Student is responsible for all other fees

Reference List-  CSU Waivers