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Follow the steps on this page are to submit a "new" Request for Certification to the Veterans Success Center (VSC) through the Veterans Benefits Module (VBM) using your MyCoyote portal.

Note: If there is a change in your enrollment status, including adding or withdrawing from a course, please refer to the Update Certification Request.

Steps for VA Certification Enrollment


STEP 1 - Documents needed for Certification 
STEP 2 - Log-in to CSUSB Student Portal "MyCoyote"
STEP 3 -  Tile Selection on Student Center 
  • Look for the student center “TILE”
  • CLICK ON  the Student Center “ TILE”
  • Student Portal Tile Selection picture
STEP 4 - Look for "hamburger" logo

Click on the symbol shown below known as the “hamburger”

Hamburger log

STEP 5 - Look For Veteran Benefit 

Look for "Veteran Benefits Tab" 

Veterans Tab

STEP 6 - Read content and click on "Certification Request" 

Read and Click on " Certification Request" this will allow you to start the process. 



STEP 7 - Create Profile 

Fill out all sections: 

  • Term- Select the term you want to be certified for.
  • Select your *Veterans Service Branch"  
    • If you are a “Dependent”  LEAVE BLANK
  • Select the VA Educational Benefit you will be using for the term you have selected.
    • Please refer to your "COE" certificate of eligibility that you have downloaded from 
    • NOTE: If you select Chapter 35 Dependents Educational Assistance Program please make sure you add a Chapter 35 VA File Number.
  • Respond to "Relationship to Veteran"
  • Select your status under “SELECT ALL THAT APPLY” Leave blank if it does not correspond to you. 
  • Attached all required document " COE" Certificate of eligibility, DD214 Service/member 4, other documents. 
    • If this is not complete there will be a delayed in your enrollment certification. 
  • Fill out form
STEP 8 - Click on Attachments


STEP 9 - Attachment Selection

Once you have fill out all profile documentation please get ready to Attach Documents.

Documents you will need to attach are:

Certificate of release or discharge from active duty (DD214 Member 4) Veterans Only

Department of Veterans Affairs certificate of eligibility (COE) correspondence/letter

NOTE: You must attached the correct Certificate of Eligibility (COE) in order to be able to continue the certification process. You may find your COE on


STEP 10 - Go Back to the VA Certification Page

 Once you have attached the document/s. You will see them on the section “File Attachments”

Click on the “RETURN” Section on the bottom of the page.


STEP 11 - Selection of Classes to Certify

 Now you will select the classes you want CSUSB School Certifying official to certify you for.

NOTE: Only Courses that are part of your educational plan will be certified.


STEP 12 - Read and Acknowledge


STEP 13 - Selection of Courses

 Select the courses you want to be certified for.

When you are done, you will have to “submit the request”.


STEP 14 - Read and Acknowledge 



How to check your certification status

  1. Open veteran's benefit portal in the student center
  2. Select initiate request, select ok, and select term you would like to check.
  3. View status under your veterans benefit for this term box on the top right
A few examples of the what the status of your certification means include:
  • Initiated- Student has not requested classes to be certified. Student has completed a "profile".
  • In Review- CSUSB SCO, has received the certification. Certifications are processed in the order they have been received. 
  • Pending- Student's certification is pending means that either we are working on your certification and notifying you.
    • Chapter 33 and Chapter 31 certifications will remain pending until CSUSB SCO bills for tuition and fees. This means that you will see this pending status until after "Census date". You will still continue to receive BAH, MHA, Book stipend, Etc. 
    • If you are chapter 1606, 35, or 30- Please check that courses that you are requesting are part of your educational plan. 
    • A pending status can mean that you are missing information and if that is the case please email us at 
  • Reported- Student's certification has been sent to the VA electronically via VAOnce. 
  • Denied- There is issues with your certification. You may have failed to provide correct documentations to the SCO. Please contact the SCO if you would like further information. The Certification will not be processed. 
Sample veteran benefit status:

Certified Example

*Disclaimer: CSUSB does not award any of these educational benefits. You must apply to the correct agency to determine eligibility.

"GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)."


VA Debt Management Center (DMC) Debt RELIEF for Student Veterans

View Your Debt Relief Options by visiting VA Debt Management Center (DMC) Debt RELIEF for Student Veterans.

Debt Management Center Debt Portal: Manage Your VA debt. (Portal is for Veterans ONLY)

Letter from the Department of Veteran Affairs