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Transfer Orientation

Transfer Orientation

Welcome to the Pack and California State University, San Bernardino! We are excited that you have selected CSUSB to continue with your undergraduate education. The Orientation program is a mandatory program that provides you with key resources to help with your transition into the CSUSB community and your journey towards your academic goals. Recognizing that the information provided to first-year freshmen students differs from transfer students, we have designed your specific orientation session to address the most critical of information for your transition and success at CSUSB.

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Transfer Orientation will consist of:

  • Pre-Orientation: online modules to start introducing you to campus and its resources, and get a taste of what it means to be a student at CSUSB,
  • Orientation: an on-campus experience which will include connecting with your peers, opportunities to learn more about campus, academic advising, and 
  • Connections: enhanced fall social programming to connect you to campus and your peers! 

When you register for Orientation, you're selecting the date for your on-campus orientation session. Read more below to learn about program dates, details, and all you need to know!

Before You Register for Orientation

There are a few steps you must complete before you register for your Orientation session.

Accept Your Offer of Admission

All students must accept their offer of admission BEFORE June 3. Visit the Admissions Next Steps for information and step-by-step directions. 

Once you accept your admissions, please allow 24-48 hours before you register for an Orientation session. 

Emergency Contact Information

You are required to complete the Emergency Contact information on your myCoyote Self Service Student Center before registering for Orientation. This information will only be used in case of an emergency and someone needs to be contacted on your behalf. Be sure to keep this information updated with CSUSB.

Review Orientation Cost/Fees and Waiver of Liability

Students who register to participate in the Orientation program agree to the cost of the program, any fees that might be charged, and a waiver of liability. It is important that you read these policies prior to registering for Orientation.

Submit Your Official Transcripts

Final transcripts are due to Admissions and Student Recruitment by July 16. Failure to submit final transcripts by the July 16 deadline will result in your offer for admission being cancelled and you will not be able to register for courses at CSUSB. You do not need to submit final transcripts in order to register for Orientation, but we want to ensure you aware of the deadlines! 

For more information on how to submit your final documents, please visit Admissions & Student Recruitment.

Program Dates

  • Deadline to register for any session is July 15  or your admissions will be cancelled.
  • Due to limited space, it is advised that you register for the first available session.
  • You will not be able to register for orientation once a session date has closed.
  • Please make sure you do not have any outside conflicts (such as work, classes, etc.) with your scheduled Orientation date. Expect to be on campus for a full day; your attendance is required in full in order to have your Orientation hold removed. 

    Information regarding your Orientation session will be sent to your CSUSB email account. 

Registration will open in March 2024. 

Transfer Orientation Dates 







Tuesday, July 9 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM Tuesday, July 2 Closed
2 Thursday, July 11 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM Thursday, July 4 Closed
3 Saturday, July 13 7:00 AM - 5:30 PM Friday, July 5 Closed

Website may not reflect current-time statuses on orientation sessions; visit the registration page via your myCoyote portal to view available sessions.

Your Orientation hold is not removed from your account until you participate in the entire Transfer Orientation program.  You will not be able to register for classes until your Orientation hold is removed. Please check your CSUSB e-mail account for updates. Orientation information will not be sent to your personal email account.


New Student Orientation is a mandatory program for all newly admitted students that provides you with key resources and tools to help with your transition into the CSUSB community and help continue your journey towards academic success.

Orientation will consist of:

  1. Pre-Orientation: an online program for you to start getting connected to CSUSB resources, services, and opportunities; available to you 24-48 hours after registering for your orientation date.
  2. Orientation: an on-campus experience which will include academic advising and course registration (attendance required to remove your orientation hold); and 
  3. Connections: enhanced fall social programming to connect you to campus. 

Information regarding your Orientation date will be sent to your CSUSB email address ONLY. Please check that email account for final information and updates. 

How to Register for Orientation

How to Register

In order to register for a Orientation session, you will need to:

  1. Know your Coyote (student) ID number – each student is given a nine-digit identification number upon submission of their application for admission (ex: 000123456).  The number is listed on all of the communication set to you by Admissions & Student Recruitment.  If you can't locate your Coyote ID, please contact Admissions & Student Recruitment at (909) 537-5188.
  2. Know any scheduling conflicts – Orientation is a full day program; make sure you plan accordingly to attend the entire session. Your Orientation hold is not removed unless you complete the orientation program in full, and you will not be able to register for courses with this hold.
  3. Register for Orientation! - Log into myCoyote. Navigate to the My Tasks tile, in which you will find Orientation Registration. Follow the on-screen instructions to register for your Orientation session. 

Making Changes to Your Orientation Session

If you need to change your Orientation date:

  1. Send us an email at In the e-mail be sure to include the following information:
  • First and Last Name
  • Student ID Number
  • Original Orientation date your are registered for
  • New Orientation date you want to switch into
  • Contact phone number


  2. Call Orientation and First Year Experience directly at (909) 537-5233.  Please be ready to provide the above information when you call.

NOTE: Changing your Orientation session is subject to availability in another session. If you change your Orientation date more than once, you will be charged an administrative fee of $25 per change. Please review the Program Costs and Fees page.

Advising and Registration

Academic advising is an educational process by which you are integrated into the university's academic community. Academic Advisors help newly admitted transfer students make informed decisions about their course selection and university policies and procedures. Coming from another institution (community college or other four-year university), you may have credits earned for courses towards your degree at CSUSB, and your Academic Advisor can assist you in that process.

During Orientation, you will participate in a group advising experience. You will learn about academic program requirements, academic policies and procedures, and other services that will help you achieve academic success. Enrollment in courses for fall semester will take place during your assigned registration date and time. Your registration date and time will be available on your myCoyote portal.

Before You Attend Orientation

In order to have a successful Orientation session, be prepared with the following information or requests of you for Orientation.

  • Pre-Orientation -- an online program (available 24-48 hours after registering for your Orientation date). This is available on your myCoyote portal, under My Tasks. Please access via Student Log In, not as a Guest. If Student Log In does not allow you access, please allow another 24 hours for system updates! -- This will launch in early April; we will send a notification once available.
  • Submit Your Final Transcripts -- your final transcripts are due to CSUSB Admissions and Student Recruitment by July 16, 2024. Failure to submit final transcripts by this deadline will result in your admissions offer being cancelled. We recommend submitting them as soon as possible ahead of your orientation date. You can attend orientation without having submitted them, but we want you to be aware of the deadline!