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CSUSB's Veteran Dedicated Staff

Admissions to CSUSB Veterans Dedicated Staff

Ana Carrejo

Admissions Counselor/Evaluator Veterans Liaison (A-M)

To make an appointment please contact the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment

Location: University Hall, Room 107

Phone: (909) 537-5188

Fax: (909) 537-7034


Website: Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment

CSU Application waiver (Undergraduate Students)

You may apply for the CSU Application waiver through the California State University, CAL STATE APPLY application. If you are denied and would like to appeal the decision you may download the Application Fee waiver Appeals form. You may find this from using this link: Once, you have obtain the form  you may email it to: ( When submitting this form please, attach all unofficial transcripts with application). 

If you have any questions about the waiver, please contact the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment. 


Cecilia Farmer

Admission Evaluator for Graduate Studies

Graduate and Student Research

Location: Chaparral Hall, Room 123C

Phone: (909) 537-5058



SSgt Stephannie Cochran

Air Force ROTC Contact

Location: Faculty Office Building, Room 144

Phone: (909) 537-5440


Website: Air Force ROTC

1LT John Seman

Army ROTC Contact 1

Location: Faculty Office Building, Room 124

Phone: 419-565-8165


Website: Army ROTC

MSG Geovanni Carrasguillo

Army ROTC Contact 2

Location: Faculty Office Building Room 124

Phone: 719-331-4461


Website: Army ROTC

Veterans Success Center & School Certifying Officials

Agustin Ramirez

Veterans Success Center, Director & Back up VA Certifying Official 

Location: Building 23, Lower Level, Room 006A

Phone: (909) 537-5195


Website: Veterans Success Center

Jaime Espinoza

School Certifying Official -Veterans Success Advisor

Chapter 30, 31, 33, 35, 1606, Cal Vet Fee waiver 

Veterans Success Center 

Location: Building 23, Lower Level, BK-005A

Phone: (909) 537-7196

Fax: (909) 537-7064


Website: Veterans Success Center- VA Enrollment Certification Process

Mikayla De La Fuente

Veterans Success Advisor 

Veterans Success Center 

Location: Building 23, Lower Level, BK-005A

Phone: (909) 537-5180

Fax: (909) 537-7064



Student Financial Services Office- Veteran Dedicated Staff

Laura Mosqueda

Accountant Technician

Student Financial Services Department  

Location: UH- 034

Phone: (909) 537-5156


CSUSB Veteran Dedicated- Financial Aid 

Marisol Ramirez

Student Services Professional -Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships 

Cal Vet Fee Waiver Processor for Financial Aid Portal

Location: University Hall, Room 139

Phone: (909) 537-3425


Website: Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships

Patricia Sotelo

Associate Director Financial Aid and Operations

Financial Aid Veterans Liaison

Location: University Hall, Room 139

Phone: (909) 537-3424


Website: Office of Financial Aid

CSUSB Veterans Dedicated Staff - Office of the Registrar 

Idalia Pineda-Vivar

Transfer and Graduation Counselor (Military Credit Specialist) 

Phone: (909) 537-3365



CSUSB Career Center

Sarai Maldonado (Primary)

Student Services Professional- Career Center


Phone: 909-537-3682

Location SUS-108N



Lauren Williams (Primary)

Career Counselor/Advisor 


Phone: 909-537-5571

Location: SUS 108L