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VA Parent Letter/S

VA Parent School Letter

VA parent school letter gives students the flexibility to be able to take courses at other VA approved institutions of higher learning or community colleges. All courses requested by students or taken by visiting students will have to gain approval before submitting VA enrollment certifications.

Requesting a Parent Letter From CSUSB

Request approval from CSUSB registrar office and make sure the courses being transferred to CSUSB will be part of current educational plan (PAWS Report). Concurrent Enrollment Request.

  • Once you have obtained Approval from the Office of the Registrar you will have to email the CSUSB School Certifying Official with the following information:
    • Use your MyCoyote Email to make the official request. (Send email to
    • Your name and ID number, reason why you are taking this course, Attachment of the approval from the Office of the Registrar, Name of the school you want to take the course, contact information of the School Certifying Official at visiting institution.

Parent letters are only available to the following benefits: Chapter 30, 31, 33, 33 STEM, 33 Fry Scholar, and 35.  

Parent Letter (Visiting Student)

If you are a visiting student at CSUSB and would like to use VA Educational benefits, please contact your home school, and request a parent letter from them. School Certifying Official Contact information.