Registering for Classes

To register, students need to have already obtained admission to the university, a nine-digit Coyote ID number and an activation code. Registration is done online, through the Student Center on the MyCoyote student portal. Please review quarterly class schedules for registration dates and regulations. Also, please check for any registration holds prior to registering for classes. Holds can be viewed on the Student Center, over in the upper right hand column labeled “HOLDS”. The Office of the Registrar is located in University Hall (UH), Room 171. Veterans and active military students are welcome to check with the campus Veterans Success Center, where staff can guide them through the necessary registration steps.

Priority Registration

  • Veteran and active military students who provide a copy of a DD-214 form are eligible for priority 1 registration. Eligibility for priority 1 registration normally commences after the first quarter of attendance.
  • Veterans are required to provide the number four copy of their DD-214, which states honorable discharge. ROTC students may also receive priority 1 registration upon providing a copy of their approved contract.
  • All required documents should be provided to Melissa McQuead, CSUSB’s School Certifying Official. She can be reached at 909-537-5213 or by e-mail at Her office is located within the Office of the Registrar, UH-171.

Please note: If you are a veteran and are also in the Over 60 Program, you cannot currently receive priority 1 registration.

EPT/ELM Testing and Exemption

Taking the English Placement Test (EPT) and Entry Level Math (ELM) is mandatory and must be completed BEFORE registering. However, students may be exempt from one or both of these tests if they have received a minimum qualifying score on other tests such as the SAT/ACT or AP/IB exams. For a list of qualifying exemptions, visit the Admissions and Student Recruitment website.

Students who have not completed their general education English and/or math requirements may have a registration hold and must enroll in a basic skills course (Eng 101; Math 110, 115, 120, 192 or 211) each quarter until completed. Students who do not qualify for enrollment in these basic skills course(s) must enroll in appropriate developmental courses (Eng 85 or 95; Math 75, 80 or 90) depending on their English Placement Test (EPT)/Entry Level Math (ELM) scores. For more information on the EPT/ELM exams, call the CSUSB Office of Academic Services at (909) 537-5034 or Testing and Tutoring at (909) 537-5045.


Registration fees will be due by the scheduled due date as printed in the quarterly class schedule, or students will be dropped from their classes for non-payment and a $25 administrative fee will be assessed. Refer to the "fees" pages in the class schedule for more information on important deadlines and refund information.

Registration Helpdesk, Location and Hours

Telephone: (909) 537-7671

Photo identification is required for all walk-in services.
University Hall, Lobby 177
Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.