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Montgomery GI Bill® – Select Reserves (Chapter 1606)

*Reprinted from VA Education and Training, MGIB-SR

'GI Bill®' is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Mor information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at

The MGIB-SR program may be available to you if you are a member of the Selected Reserve. The Selected Reserve includes the Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, the Army National Guard, and the Air National Guard.

You may use this education assistance program for degree programs, certificates or correspondence courses, cooperative training, independent study programs, apprenticeship or on-the-job training, and vocational flight training programs. Remedial, refresher and deficiency training are available under certain circumstances. Eligibility for this program is determined by the Selected Reserve components. The VA makes the payments for this program. You may be entitled to receive up to 36 months of education benefits. Your eligibility for the program normally ends on the day you leave the Selected Reserve. One exception to this rule exists if you are mobilized (or recalled to active duty from your reserve status); in this case your eligibility may be extended for the amount of time you are mobilized PLUS four months. For example, if you are mobilized for 12 months your eligibility period is extended for 16 months (12 months active duty PLUS 4 months). So, even if you leave the reserves after mobilization, you may have additional eligibility for the MGIB-SR.

If your unit is deactivated during the period beginning on October 1, 2007 through September 30, 2014 or you are involuntarily separated (for reasons other than misconduct) you will retain your original period of eligibility which is 14 years from the date of your first 6 year obligation with the selected reserves.


To qualify, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a six-year obligation to serve in the Selected Reserve signed after June 30, 1985. If you are an officer, you must have agreed to serve six years in addition to your original obligation. For some types of training, it is necessary to have a six-year commitment that begins after September 30, 1990;
  • Complete your initial active duty for training (IADT);
  • Meet the requirement to receive a high school diploma or equivalency certificate before completing IADT;
  • Remain in good standing while serving in an active Selected Reserve unit. You will also retain MGIB-SR eligibility if you were discharged from Selected Reserve service due to a disability that was not caused by misconduct. Your eligibility period may be extended if you are ordered to active duty.

How to Apply

If you have never used these benefits before, you will need to apply to use them.

  1. Paper
    • Application for Educational Benefits, VA Form 22-1990.
    • A copy of Notice of Eligibility (NOBE) which can be obtained from the member's unit.
    • Copy of Reserves/Guard Kicker paperwork if applicable.
  2. Electronic
    • Go to the GI Bill® website and select the “Apply for Benefits” link for the online application. When you have completed the form, select the submit button to submit it electronically. Once you have been approved for the benefit, the VA will send you a certificate of eligibility letter.

If you have used these benefits before at another school, you will need to fill out the following:

  1. Paper
  2. Electronic
    • Go to the GI Bill® website and select the “Apply for Benefits” link for the Form 22-1995. When you have completed the form, select the submit button to submit it electronically.

After you have been admitted to the university and have registered for classes, you will need to submit your eligibility letter and DD-214 form to the School Certifying Official, Jaime Espinoza.

You will then need to complete the

Vet Statement of Responsibility (VSR).

The school certifying official, Jaime Espinoza, can be reached at 909-537-7196 or by e-mail at

What it Pays for                       

A monthly allowance is sent to you (not the school), which may be used for books, supplies tuition or fees. Be aware that this monthly allowance will start being sent to you the month after you begin school. It will be your responsibility to pay the school directly for your tuition and fees when they are due. Current payment rates and more information for Chapter 1606 can be found at the GI Bill® website.