Yes. There is one-court multi-purpose gymnasium in the SRWC. Members can play basketball, volleyball or indoor soccer. A schedule for the sport that has the priority in a given time block is listed on the Open Recreation page.  The Open Recreation schedule for the gymnasium is subject to change and is based on the demands of SRWC members.

No. The Recreation & Wellness Department’s priorities are CSUSB students and the campus community.  With limited space in the SRWC, the local community (individuals not affiliated with CSUSB), are not eligible to purchase a membership.

Yes. For detailed information on costs and how to get started visit our Personal Training page.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, money orders, checks and cash. No bills over $20 please.

The affiliate rates for the Student Recreation and Wellness Center are listed on our membership page.

Yes. They can purchase a day pass. However, the sponsoring member must remain in the facility with them.

Anytime we are open! Check our hours page for times.

At the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.

A member can sponsor other individuals 18 years of age or older who live in their same household. This is our affiliate membership. Proof of mutual residency is required.

Yes, we have 4 individual showers in each locker room. Most lockers are designed for day-use only and some lockers are available to rent by the quarter. To use the lockers, you can bring your own lock or purchase one from the Membership Services Desk. At the end of your visit, please remove your lock from day use only lockers to allow other members a chance to lock up their belongings. We also have complimentary lockers in the hallway. No lock is needed for these lockers.

Yes we do.  Request payroll deduction when purchasing a membership.

Please see the Recreation & Wellness hours page for the most current information.

The current prices for faculty, staff and Alumni Association members are listed on the Recreation & Wellness membership page.