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Vehicle Procedures Daily Checks

Make sure to check the vehicle and confirm if everything is working correctly:
Brake, tail and head lights and turn signals are in working order
Proper tire inflation; no cuts or punctures
Battery fluid leaks; check for wet spots under vehicle
Clear windshield and mirrors
Steering is normal
Brakes work properly
Forward and reverse gears are operational


  • Return key to Sean or key box
  • Clean up trash in the vehicles
  • Vans should be parked by facilities before returning must refill gas tank
  • Must have defensive driving completed as well as all documents sent to HR on file.
  • Must complete a driving test with supervisor before using any state vehicle 
  • Must be a current stateside volunteer approved by State Human Resource.  If you are not currently a stateside volunteer contact Sean Kinnally ( for more information.

Inspect vehicles daily, prior to use. If the vans need repairs or maintenance, the van should be taken out of service. Report any damage or maintenance needs to your supervisor immediately. If you have any other questions, please contact Sean Kinnally.