Personal Training

What we do!

Picture of training team.

Our certified personal trainers and group exercise instructors are here to make fitness fun, safe, and approachable! We are dedicated to motivating and pushing our clients and students to be the best they can be. 



Why train at CSUSB?

  • We offer high quality training from certified personal trainers, many of which are Kinesiology majors!
  • Our personal training rates are incredibly affordable!
  • We have a different approach to fitness than most corporate gyms. Without the constant pressure of selling, our trainers are able to focus on programming and assessments.
  • Coyotes stick together; we got you!

What is a Complimentary Consultation?

  • A complimentary consultation is a free, 1 hour consultation. In this consultation, a trainer will go over goal setting and baseline assessments with you to see where your current fitness level is and how you can reach your goals! You can choose to buy training after your session.

How to Sign Up for Your Consultation:

So you're ready to see what personal training is all about, what's the next step? Visit the front desk, towel kiosk, or Fitness & Wellness office to fill out our complimentary Coyote-Fit Orientation Form and we will set-up an appointment with you within 48 hours! You can also fill it out online.


Personal Training Prices:

One-on-One Training!

You'll have undivided attention from one of our trainers for a 60 minute session. This will include initial assessment and a personalized program to suit your specific needs.

  • 1 session:     Students: $20       Faculty/Staff: $22       Alumni/Affiliate: $23
  • 5 sessions:   Students: $90       Faculty/Staff: $100     Alumni/Affiliate: $105
  • 10 sessions: Students: $160     Faculty/Staff: $180     Alumni/Affiliate: $190

Buddy Training!

This training program allows you and a partner to train together with one of our specialists. By "buddying-up" you will not only have a great workout partner to help keep you motivated, but work-out for about half the price. Each session will be up to 60 minutes in length.

  • 1 session:     Students: $26     Faculty/Staff: $28      Alumni/Affiliate: $29
  • 5 sessions:   Students: $120    Faculty/Staff: $130     Alumni/Affiliate: $135
  • 10 sessions: Students: $220   Faculty/Staff: $240     Alumni/Affiliate: $250

See you soon!