Personal Training


Personal Training Team Winter 2019

Is exercise something that comes easy for you or is it a struggle? Maybe you want to exercise but you don't know where to start...maybe you need someone to show you what all of the machines do and how to use them properly...maybe you are familiar with exercise but are seeking new ways of training...maybe motivation and dedication are the hardest part of working out for you...whatever the reason...Fitness & Wellness is here to help! Certified CSUSB Personal Trainers will be available to work one-on-one with you to help reach your fitness goals. Aside from getting your body physically fit, one of the benefits to this program is the incredibly low prices that CSUSB students, staff, faculty and alumni can take advantage of!

Personal Training Prices

One-on-One Training

You'll have undivided attention from one of our trainers for a 60 minute session. This will include initial assessment and a personalized program to suit your specific needs.

  • 1 session:     Students: $20       Faculty/Staff: $22       Alumni/Affiliate: $23
  • 5 sessions:   Students: $90       Faculty/Staff: $100     Alumni/Affiliate: $105
  • 10 sessions: Students: $160     Faculty/Staff: $180     Alumni/Affiliate: $190

Buddy Training

This training program allows you and a partner to train together with one of our specialists. By "buddying-up" you will not only have a great workout partner to help keep you motivated, but work-out for about half the price. Each session will be up to 60 minutes in length.

  • 1 session:     Students: $26     Faculty/Staff: $28      Alumni/Affiliate: $29
  • 5 sessions:   Students: $120    Faculty/Staff: $130     Alumni/Affiliate: $135
  • 10 sessions: Students: $220   Faculty/Staff: $240     Alumni/Affiliate: $250

Getting Started

So you're ready to begin your personal training venture, what's the next step? Visit either the Fitness Center, Reception desk, the Membership Services desk and request a fill out our complimentary Coyote-Fit Orientation Form and we will set-up an appointment with you within 48 hours.  We also have all of our personal trainer bios available for your review. The consultation is free of charge to all Recreation Center members.