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Adventure Leadership Program

Develop your outdoor leadership skills through this interactive and exciting course. Participants will be learning both leadership and technical skills in classroom sessions and on outdoors trips. Technical skills include equipment, food preparation, logistics and clothing needs. Leadership topics include decision making, critical thinking, informal interpretation, teaching skills, leadership qualities and styles. Take this opportunity to expand your leadership abilities in the outdoors. This course is required to apply and interview to become a Volunteer CSUSB Adventure Leader.

When you register you will receive a questionnaire to complete and bring with you to the first workshop. After the first workshop and review of your completed questionnaire we will select participants to continue in the training program. Payment will not be due until you are accepted into the program.


In order to register for the Adventure Leader Program course, you must be CSUSB student, faculty or staff, have a CA Driver License, pass a background check, and have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA.

Adventure Leadership Program Cost

CSUSB student, faculty or staff: $30. To be paid after the Information Meeting if selected. 

Fall 2021 Course 

Informational Meeting (Attend One)

Wednesday, September 8, 2021, 2:30pm - 3:30pm: Location: SRWC Front Desk
Thursday, September 9, 2021, 12:00pm - 1:00pm: Location: SRWC Front Desk
Friday, September 10, 2021, 5:00pm - 6:00pm Location: Zoom Meeting 


Leadership Workshops (Attend All 5)

Fridays from 2:30pm - 4:30pm
September 17, October 1, 8, 15, and 29, 2021
Location: SRWC Front Desk


Multi-day Leadership Training Trip (Required)

Dates: September 24 - 26, 2021
Time: 2:00pm Friday - 8:00pm Sunday
Location: San Jacinto Wilderness
Activities include: Backpacking and Hiking

Shadow Trips (Choose Two)

October 9 - SoCal Surf
October 10 - LA Graffiti Art Tour
October 16 - Service Trip
October 30 - Big Horn Mine Hike
November 13 - Mount Baden-Powell Hike
December 4 - Mecca Hills Hike

CPR/AED Certification (Required)

Online and during Wilderness First Aid Certification 

Wilderness First Aid Certification (Required)

Dates: December 13 and 14, 2021
Monday and Tuesday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Dates and times subject to change. 

Become an Adventure Leader

After successful completion of the Adventure Leadership Program you can apply and interview to become a volunteer CSUSB Adventure Leader.

Once a Leader

As a CSUSB Adventure Leader, you can request trips that you would like to lead in future quarters. We will then assign you with a co-leader to lead trips that match your skills and leadership ability. Leaders are expected to continue to attend leader training trips and to keep current in certifications.

Certifications include: CSUSB Defensive Driver Course, the San Bernardino Food Handler Certification, CPR/AED, and WFA.

You will also be required to complete a State Harassment Training

Benefits of Being a CSUSB Adventure Leader

  • Great leadership experience
  • Discounts on trips and rentals
  • Explore the great outdoors
  • Make friends with similar interests
  • Opportunity to stay fit and healthy
  • Possible career exploration
  • Conferences and trainings for free or at reduced price
  • Discounts on purchasing outdoor gear

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer leader for CSUSB Adventure, register for our Adventure Leader Program which is offered quarterly. For more information on becoming a leader you can call Mark Oswood (909)537-3863 or email


Title: Adventure Program Coordinator

Education/Qualifications: Education: Bachelor and Master of Science, Recreation Administration. Qualifications: Mark has been with CSUSB Adventure since 2007 and before that he worked for UC Riverside's Outdoor Excursions program. Mark is a Leave No Trace Master Educator, Smith System Driver Trainer, Certified Course Manager and Level 2 (Association for Challenge Course Technology), Wilderness First Responder, and American Red Cross instructor. Mark is also an instructor at UNLV where he teaches backpacking and canoeing classes.

My Favorite CSUSB Adventure Experience: "I am not able to go on all our adventures but I do get to hear about them from our trip leaders and participants. My favorite experience is hearing about the beautiful places visited and connections people have made whil eon our trips. I would have to say my favorite trip is snowshoeing in the winter in Yo So Mighty!"

Favorite Hobbies: Exploring new places, rafting and spending time with my family.


Title: Adventure Leader and Climbing Wall Supervisor

Education/Qualifications: Education: Currently majoring in Human and Organzational Communication and a minor Psychology. Sydney is certified in Adult CPR/AED, and Wilderness First Aid certified. In addition to leading trips Sydney also work on the office planning and preparing our adventures.

My Favorite CSUSB Adventure Experience: "Kayaking down the Owen’s River in the Eastern Sierra Nevadas. The trip provided an opportunity to for me to grow as a leader; for two of my participants struggled against the river’s swift current and thorny bank. By calling out instructions and remaining by their side, we made it though safe and sound—or more accurately, with a few well earned scratches".

Favorite Hobbies: Photography, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Piano, and Volunteerism

Juan Valenzuela Madrid
Title: Adventure Leader

Education/Qualifications: Dual majored with a B.A. in Administration Information Systems and Technology Concentration and with a B.A. in Administration Accounting Concentration. I am currently working on my Master of Science in Accountancy, while working in my profession as a Accounts Receivables Clerk.
My favorite CSUSB Adventure Experience: Snowboarding with new/unexperienced participants and help them shred the gnar.
Favorite Hobbies: Listening to music in a hammock. Exploring and experiencing new places and adventures. Occasionally napping when time persist.  

Joana Leal 

Title: Adventure Leader 

Education/Qualifications:  Graduate student with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Human Development and a minor in Spanish. Currently working on getting a Master's degree in Counseling. Joana is CPR/AED and Wilderness First Aid Certified. 

My favorite CSUSB Adventure Experience: "Backpacking Havasupai Indian Reservation and seeing amazing waterfalls, swimming in the beautiful clear water, and watching the stars before falling asleep. I love the feeling of appreciation for life that backpacking leaves; it makes you appreciate what you have. Also, I enjoy meeting new people and sitting down around the campfire to eat s'mores and share experiences." 

Favorite Hobbies:  Hiking, camping, traveling, movies, napping, and eating. 

Pong Proakatok

Adventure Leader

Education/Qualifications: Currently majoring in Business Management. CPR/AED and Wilderness First First Aid Certification

My favorite CSUSB Adventure Experience: All the trips that I've led are my favorites in different ways, but I notice that the trips that don't go as well as planned would often receive some of the best feedbacks from participants.

Favorite Hobbies: Hiking, getting lost, and fixing/riding my motorcycle. 

Connor Smith 

Title: Adventure Leader

Education/Qualifications:  3rd year Graphic Design student, Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified, 

My favorite CSUSB Adventure Experience: My first trip I ever went on with school and my first ever backpacking trip: The Zion 50 miler. It was absolutely life changing and made me fall in love with the outdoors and taught me what spending time in nature really offers.

Favorite Hobbies: Drawing, Rock Climbing, Video Games.


Title: Adventure Leader

Education/Qualification: Communications in Human Organization, qualified meditation instructor CPR/AED and Wilderness First Aid Certiifcation. (Also drivers license so certified to drive just like Sam). 

Favorite CSUSB Experience: Seeing the ancestors. The Sequoia trees, and diving into the vastness of our hearts, the Grand Canyon.

Favorite Hobbies: Meditating, reading, and being an apprentice of life. 

Isaac Mendez

Title: Adventure Leader

Education/Qualifications: Isaac is majoring in Health Science with a Concentration in Public Health. He is CPR/AED certified, Wilderness First Aid certified, and I am also a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Favorite CSUSB Adventure Experience: For me it was my training trip while learning to be an adventure leader. We kayaked down Black Canyon over two days and stopped in various locations to hike. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I learned so many new skills as well as how to be a better leader. I would definitely do this trip again in a heartbeat.

Favorite Hobbies: Video Games, Playing Guitar, Hiking, and Camping.

John E. Harford III

Title: Adventure Leader and Adventure Staff

Education/Qualifications: Currently a first year student at CSUSB. Undeclared at the moment but interest in Biology. CPR/AED and Wilderness First Aid certified. Eagle Scout.

Favorite CSUSB Adventure Experience: Each experience has its own unique memory to it. But if I had to choose it would be the first. The first year Adventure Welcome Experience to Big Sur, California. We started the day with bonding activities and going on the Leadership Challenge Course. And then the trip itself of exploring and enjoying ourselves in an amazing location. You lose yourself in the moment and just appreciate life, each adventure trip has that.

Favorite Hobbies: Photography, music, and exploring.

Hannah Fejzic

Title: Adventure Leader

Education/Qualifications: Chemistry and Applied Physics. CPR/AED and Wilderness First Aid certified.

Favorite CSUSB Adventure Experience: Kayakaroke 

Favorite Hobbies: Yoga, reading, chilling with my cats

Natanael Chavez

Title: Advetnure Leader

Education/Qualifications: Accounting Major, EMT certified. CPR/AED and Wilderness First Aid certified.

Favorite CSUSB Adventure experience: It is impossible to say my number one experience from so many that occur and every trip you get a new favorite experience. They vary from tipping over on a kayak and swimming for your life, to roping down the side of a mountain and telling yourself “if they can do it, so can I”, and facing your fear of walking onthe edge of a mountain. I promise that any multiday trip will make you want to go back and experience more.

Favorite Hobbies: Soccer, my favorite hobby, it’s been the number one and not because I get to watch and play soccer, but because it’s the one it it’s a father and son pastime. Stargazing, because when you are out at the top of a mountain where lights don’t exist you begin to understand how small you really are and how the stars appear to crash down on you. Talking, anything can be a hobby and talking is a hobby I exercise daily. When you are in a van with 11 other participants, talking to strangers is the best way to let out your thoughts, it’s a clean slate to get advice from another set of eyes.

Matthew Howe

Title: Adventure Leader and Ropes staff

Education/Qualifications: Currently majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in pedagogy. CPR/AED and Wilderness First Aid Certified.

My Favorite CSUSB Adventure Experience: My very first CSUSB adventure trip is what inspired me to become an Adventure Leader: Black Canyon kayaking. Everything about this trip was spectacular. In no particular order: the exercise of kayaking down the peaceful Colorado River, the scenery of the big bold rocks that surround the river, the good vibes of the leaders and fellow participants, and not to mention the adventure when things went south. Ask me about that adventure because it was one of the most memorable experiences I will ever have outdoors.

Favorite Hobbies: Rock Climbing, Sports, Lawn Games, and much more but they cut me off at 3 :'(