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Group Ex Class Descriptions

Pace, Power and Poise

This full body workout will help you meet your fitness goals fast! The first half of the class will build your power and speed with interval training. The second half of the class will provide mindful toning and stretching. This class adjusts easily to welcome all levels!

Student Choreography

Choreography classes allow students to go behind the scenes and become teacher, dancer, etc. This class gives students a chance to be the creator. collaborator, and director. Students apply their own skills and knowledge of different styles of dance to create pieces that they perform for one another. Come through and dance with us!

Move Strong

Multimodal group class aimed towards increasing joint flexibility/range of motion, joint stability, neuromuscular control and strength of the entire body. Having the ability to control each part of the body in and through all positions is essential for everyday life and serves as a foundation for healthy, pain free movement. Being able to express movement in these positions while handling some form of load/stress is just as important. This class will help you develop these abilities by various forms of mobility and weight training. All levels are welcome to participate but prior experience in some form of strength training is advisable.

Creative Time

This is a featured class from the Retreat! Every class includes different mindful activities each week.


Led Poi Spinning

Poi is a ball that hangs on the end of a rope, usually performed as a fire dance originating from the Māori of New Zealand. Relax, our glowing LED poi isn't on fire, but it will light up your inner child who always wanted to join the circus... Or maybe your inner child loves a good rave. Either way, spinning and dancing with a pair of poi will get you into a trance-like state (called "flow space") where you don't even realize you are exercising. Beginners are welcome here, where a warm-up will be followed by a progressive series of poi spinning techniques. Poi will be provided, but do bring water and do wear comfortable clothing.

Oly Lifting

Participants will learn the fundamental steps of Olympic Weightlifting and learn how to do movements such as the snatch, clean, and jerk.


A moderately-paced yoga class incorporating the use of breath along with a multitude of asanas.

The Big 3

A class that focuses on the squat, bench and deadlift. Learn fundamental techniques and cues as well as different variations of the 3 movements!

Yoga Sculpt

Yoga sculpt is a 50-minute class that combines hand weights and signature yoga poses. By mixing strength-training moves with weights in yoga, each pose will be intensified. Yoga sculpt has a strong focus on intensity, which will improve endurance.


CoyoteFit incorporates various forms of exercises to provide a fun workout! This class utilizes tires, sleds, plyometrics, calisthenics as well as Olympic movements

Power Cycle

A high-energy cycling class that involves strength intervals to improve overall endurance and strength. Come to this class if you want to get your sweat on! All levels are welcomed.

Open Lift

Activate yourself outside! Make use of our outdoor training facility during these hours and come workout!

Throwback Cycle30

Come join a killer 30-minute cycling workout with throwback music! A low-impact, moderate-intensity indoor cycling experience that will build endurance, strength, and stamina! All levels are welcome!

HipHop Cycle30

Experience the ultimate fusion of fitness and music in a 30-minute beginner cycling class, featuring hip hop hits that will keep you motivated through every pedal stroke. Let's ride together in this fun and energetic workout experience!

Dancehall Cardio

Afro-beat music drives this Dancehall Cardio class, where you'll forget you're at the gym instead of a club. Expect a leg workout to build strength while burning fat and increasing metabolism. Dance patterns are demonstrated before each song, so everyone can throw down hard during the song on choreography. No equipment is needed, just your body and a readiness to “get down.” Bring water, wear comfortable shoes, be prepared to sweat.


This dance class involves urban music and hip hop! It is a fusion of dance styles where you can have fun and get a sweat on!

Hip Hop Dance Intermediate/Advance

Join this fun and vibrant class where you can have fun and increase your skill level on dancing! This is an intermediate and advanced class but come through still and dance with us!