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Group Ex Class Descriptions

Project Chill: Hammocks

Tired of napping in your car or in the library?! Come join us every Tuesday and Thursday from 12pm - 2pm at the Retreat. Kick back, relax, nap, read a book… our hammocks are a safe space to unwind and kick up your feet in your midday break! Enjoy relaxation and taking a break from classes! Everyone is welcome!

Outside Yoga

A moderately-paced yoga class incorporating the use of breath along with a multitude of asanas. This class is done outside under the warm sun. This class will help to create a stronger sense of body awareness, balance, and inner and outer strength. Burn calories and stress at the same time! All levels welcome!

Open Lift Outdoors

Take your training outdoors during open lift hours! You can workout on your own using our outdoor equipment! A certified personal trainer will be on shift for any assistance you may need! Daily workouts of the daily (WODs) will be posted if you need ideas for your workout! Free to all. Meet us behind the Rec! 


Meditation is an inward art of connecting to our innermost nature through the use of meditative techniques. These techniques involve relaxation and yoga sound vibrations. Through this meditation practice you will tap into your intuition (sometimes considered a Spirit guide or energy guide) that helps you navigate your inner self. You will experience relaxation within yourself as well as your body. No experience needed and all levels welcome!

Yoga: Level 1

A beginner-friendly class blending different styles of yoga to help increase strength and fluidity of motion. You know what they say about range-of-motion (ROM)? If you don’t use it, you lose it! No flexibility needed to join or start; come as you are. Learn the fundamentals of yoga while improving posture, balance, strength, and breath awareness. The benefits last a lifetime. All levels welcome!

Yoga: Level 2

A moderate to intense yoga class that combines advanced yoga poses to a vinyasa flow. In addition, deep breathing exercises are incorporated with relaxation in the end. This will get your blood pumping to work out the muscles and to break a sweat! Experience in yoga is recommended before attending but if you know the basics, feel free to join! Don’t feel intimidated, you’ll get a great workout and have your muscles working hard!

Dance Cardio

No dancing experience is required - feel free to come and join the party! No partner needed for this dance class; come as you are or bring some friends! A 50 min. dance class. All levels welcome as well as two left feet!

Weightlifting: Skills & Drills

Interested in learning how to perform the lifts: Clean, Snatch, and Jerk?! Come learn the correct technique, helpful drills, specific movement prep, and more by joining this class! All levels are welcome. Taught by USAW Level 1 Weightlifting Coach.

Butts N' Guts

A lower-body and core-focused workout class designed to build the glues and abs (the quads and hamstrings, too!). This class will incorporate strength training accessory work, core circuits, and bouts of cardio. Come prepared to sweat and feel amazing! All levels welcome!

Indoor HIIT

High intensity interval training is a major game changer! Movements will typically be 20 seconds of high-intensity followed by 10 seconds of active rest. Ignite your endorphins with this fast-paced, calorie-burning class! Minimal equipment needed. Lots of energy required! All levels welcome!